Tier 1

TPC Comments

Luke Tyler

Jumping straight from severely unplayed to Tier 1, Loading... from the new box Valhalla Calling was exactly what Darklord needed to be a prevalent contender amongst today's metagame. Banishment provides stronger recovery plays, a method of toolboxing out the more situational Darklord cards, an increase in consistency alongside a way to generate card advantage as the deck cycles through its motions. In further regards to toolboxing out the more situational cards, Banishment can also be used defensively when being copied by a Darklord’s effect by searching for Loading... . Strong performances from Darklord are expected, even in its early stages of legality.

Desperado remains at Tier 1 due to its continued strong performances in the competitive scene. The deck consists of a strong boss monster, powerful traps and a flexible playstyle that grant it the ability to navigate through various matchups for victory - even those which are considered unfavourable. Furthermore, the deck has a pseudo Pot of Greed at its disposal in Loading... due to the skill - Master of Destiny . Due to its many open slots the deck is able to adapt well to changes in the meta because of its ability to play a variety of strong tech cards. With this in mind, we may see Loading... make a return in many Desperado decks as a result of the uprising Darklords. This is because World Legacy Clash allows Loading... to dodge Loading... . Desperado has been performing well since its debut, and even more strong performances are expected in the coming week.


The new box introduced Loading... which is the omnipotent searcher of the archetype as it can search any card. Moreover, the search can be used multiple times in the same turn thanks to the effect that most of the Darklord monsters share. It was what the deck was missing and it's now finally top tier. The meta will have to adapt to it.

Desperado is not the best overall deck anymore. It remains a great deck but the current build will likely have to change to keep up with Darklords.

Tier 2

TPC Comments:

Luke Tyler

Ancient Gear falls to Tier 2 upon the release of the new box. The deck struggles to consistently beat Darklord due to Beatdown being their skill of choice - meaning that clearing an Loading... for them is relatively easy. Ancient Gear is still expected to perform well in the tournament scene, though not to the standards of a Tier 1 deck.

Cyberdark remain at Tier 2. Even the unfavourable matchups in the format for Cyberdark can be overcome by drawing above average hands that can pump out enough damage to clock the opponent into closing the game out before it’s too late. Strong performances have been happening with Cyberdark. However, Loading... interferes with the Cyberdark engine heavily - influencing how the deck must be built going forward into the new meta.

Spellbook remains at Tier 2. In a very strong position right now, the deck has many favourable matchups across the board - making it a strong deck pick in a diverse format. Loading... is still a solid searchable removal card. Removing monsters without destroying them is a very valuable trait for a card to have (in a format such as this especially). Furthermore, Loading... can sometimes be problematic for Darklords to deal with.

Triamid remains at Tier 2. The deck is still a versatile control deck supported by an arsenal of powerful trap cards as it filters through its field spells to generate advantage. The deck can hold its own against Darklords, which will be a relevant factor in the new metagame. Strong performances from Triamid are expected to continue.