Triamids Deck Breakdown


Triamids are a versatile deck centered around cycling through their field spells and gaining effects depending on which field spell is currently active. Their three monsters can all swap a field spell on the field for one in the deck (during the opponent's turn), allowing for easy access. Loading... searches any Triamid monster when sent to the graveyard, which is usually when another field spell is activated. Loading... turns all your Triamid monsters into Loading... while also giving a nice ATK boost. Finally, Loading... protects your monsters from card effect destruction and is very useful as a defensive option on your opponent’s turn. Beyond the field spells, Loading... provides accessible and consistent face-up spot removal (complementing Loading... ’s face-down removal) and makes use of the extra field spells you’ve already cycled through.

Deck Statistics

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Tournaments only

This deck is not used enough in tournaments to generate a separate tournament-only breakdown.

Sample Deck

May 2024 KoG May 31st, 2024
Gems 41.5k
25 cards

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