wayne kenoff

With the turmoil of last weeks' Tier List we have decided to go for a much stricter list. This might mean that your favorite deck - while still potenitally viable in the meta - does not represent what TPC would consider your best competitive options in today's meta.

Tier 1

TPC Comments


Darklords are still dominating the meta and the new Mini box hasn't changed anything about that. Several new variants are developing, including a Loading... build with the newly buffed Master of Rites . More and more people are using Sealed Tombs as a skill while Compensation , and Loading... are on the slight decline. We're not far off from a Tier 0 meta, which may last until the next KC Cup without a new Main Box.


Nothing has changed for Darklords since last week - they continiue to dominate the meta and will continue to do so until a new Main Box comes and shakes up the meta.


We find ourselves in a more darklord centric meta than before the ban list dropped. Despite being hit by the ban list, a lot of other decks were also affected which has resulted in their demotion from the Tier List entirely, as they simply cannot hold their own against darklords.


Darklords are still undeniably the best deck. The nerfs might have slightly weakened the deck but in the grand scheme of things its dominance didn't change, especially because other decks also lost important cards.

wayne kenoff

Darklords continue to shape the meta. Dominating side deck tournaments in both representation and Top Cuts despite a general disdain for the deck throughout the community at this point. The nerfing of Beatdown provided a large boost to Darklords already huge monsters making them much harder to get over.

Tier 2