Fortune Lady Deck Breakdown


Fortune Ladies are a Spellcaster-type deck that utilizes Synchro Summoning and level modification to make plays. Each Fortune Lady monster has a different level and attribute, providing the deck with diversity and options. Every Fortune Lady monster has an effect to gain a level during each of your standby phases, and gains attack depending on their level. The deck relies on using their ace spell card, Loading... , to summon additional Fortune Lady monsters from the deck to eventually synchro summon. The boss monster in the extra deck, and the one you'll use most often is Loading... . The objective of the deck is to control the board and win through card advantage and overwhelming your opponent.

Deck Statistics

Meta Pro
Tournaments only
Average size: 20 cards

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Sample Deck

Apr 2023 Win Streak April 30th, 2023
Gems 61k + $150
20 cards

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