Tier 1

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Autumn Leaf

Darklords have been one the top performing decks (especially through swiss) for the past few weeks but have been painted as a major target with players side decking and even main decking Loading... and Loading... , leading to its downfall in the Top 32.

Invoked Neos has found instant success upon release after winning its first Meta Weekly and MCS. I have no doubt that its undeniable Tier 1 status will lead to an increase in the usage of Loading... in the side and perhaps, in the main deck.


Darklords are still winning multiple tournaments per week and will continue to be Top Tier. Their matchup against Invoked Neos is good, so it is defenitly possible to call them the strongest deck in the meta currently. Loading... is the MVP here. Their weakness is against side deck cards like Loading... , Loading... and Loading... , which results in more usage of Loading... and Loading... . Loading... is a cool tech for the mirror match aswell. Until the next KCC darklords will stay Tier 1 unless Konami will drop the banhammer on Loading... or Loading... .

Invoked Neos managed to win the recent MCS and deserves to be Tier 1. Not only has the standard build with Loading... and Loading... been successful, but multiple other tech cards like Loading... , Loading... and Loading... are being used. Even 1 build without the Invoked engine managed to get Top 8 in the MCS by using 3 Loading... and its OTK potential with Loading... and Loading... or even Loading... . Loading... is being used more and more in the main to counter Darklords and Six Samuarais.


Darklords continue to dominate the meta. Best deck of the format in my opinion - Nothing has changed. Deck continues to be too oppresive for the rest of the decks in the meta - Tier 1 no doubt.

Neos is very consistent now thanks to Loading... , has lots of ways to deal with different match ups and is able to side into anything to make those match up easier due to having a lot of tech space. These are some of the many reasons why this deck is Tier 1 worthy.


I think that it isn't necessary to go into details with this deck, we have all seen its power in tournaments and PVP. Worthy of being in Tier 1, Darklord is a deck that can face almost any deck (if not all of them) without major problems.

The big surprise of the new world. Neos has stood out in almost every tournament since its launch, being the big star of the last MCS. Neos is a deck that adapts effectively to a wide variety of staples, in addition to its great destructive power, and the inability of the adversary to target Loading... , makes it a deck more than worthy of being in Tier 1.


Neos had a strong showing in the MCS this weekend. Whilst the Invoked Neos variant saw a lot of usage, we also saw a non-invoked variant perform well utilising triple Loading... and Loading... to setup OTK's with Loading... .