Top Player Council Thoughts

With the conclusion of MCS XII we've had some minor adjustments to the Tier List.

Tier 1

Amazoness and Vampires have remained in Tier 1, now joined by Fur Hires who have re-established themselves as a strong Tier 1 deck.

TPC Comments:


Vampires are the most consistent deck in Duel Links; the only real counter is Sealed Tombs . Having constant access to removal allows them to push for OTKs or play a grind game. Furs still have access to Loading... , the best negater in the game. Wiz allows Furs to play at their own pace, either stalling or pushing for an early OTK. Amazoness is still the best control deck; Loading... + set 3 is almost a guaranteed win unless the opponent has Loading... .


Fur Hires are still very solid and have a really strong impact on the current meta. I did have a hunch that it'd win this MCS, and it did along with loads of other tops as well. The deck still has everything: Wiz negate, Loading... , Loading... , Loading... , Loading... , etc. With the deck being optimized, it rightfully deserves its Tier 1 status.


Vampires and Amazoness are without a doubt still the most dominant decks, both in play and in tournament showings. Fur Hire takes its spot back at Tier 1 as well due to Big Booty Judy, aka Wiz. Being able to sit on a board of her backed by fodder in hand to negate while waiting on the pieces to make a massive push is the new strategy. Not fun to play against at all. Backed by Loading... and the most treacherous of trap holes in the game, the deck deserves to be back where it started. Tier 1.


Amazoness and Vampires continue to dominant the meta and competitive scene. Vampires consistency, explosiveness, and their good turn 1 play still prove to be nearly unstoppable. Amazoness leaning more towards Endless Trap Hell lately has improved their Fur Hire match up as well as the popular mirror, all while still having a pretty good Vampire match up with the proper set up. Fur Hires have for sure proven to be stronger in the recent weeks and the addition of Cosmic Cyclone in most builds to deal with Loading... as well as Loading... . Enemy Controller in some builds has also greatly improved their Vampire match up. A 2800 Wiz in defense plus the ability to negate is still a huge issue for most decks in our current meta.

Luke Tyler:

Prior to the MCS, Vampires and Amazoness were the main 2 contenders. From the MCS 12 results, it is evident that Vampires and Amazoness are able to uphold their top tier statuses despite them being the main targets of deck building.

Fur Hire dominated the 40th Meta Weekly due to surprise factor. The Meta Weekly results influenced people's opinions going on Fur Hire into the MCS; the MCS 12 results show that they are a top contender in the current meta.