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Vampires are a very fast deck introduced in Empire of Scarlet. The deck generally opens by putting Loading... or Loading... in the grave (through Loading... , Loading... , or even Loading... ), then reviving them from the grave to search. The main win condition Vampires have is a Loading... under Loading... , pulling from the opponent's deck to destroy any card on the field. Vampires' strengths include extremely fast swarming and searching (helped by a searchable "Loading... " in Loading... ) and easy access to their tech cards. Their weaknesses center around the fact that Vampires are almost a pure beatdown-style deck outside of Kingdom's destruction effect (and that there are few good ways of using Kingdom as interruption on your opponent's turns). Heavy backrow forces the deck to slow down considerably and resource management is key because running out of fuel for Kingdom is a real concern.

Deck Statistics

Meta Pro
Tournaments only
Average size: 30 cards

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Jun 2024 KoG June 27th, 2024
Gems 58k
30 cards

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