Amazoness Deck Breakdown


The Deck revolves around Amazoness Princess to search for Loading... and swarm the field with Amazoness Monsters. Princess added a much need consistency boost to the Deck and her Special Summoning ability allows you to toolbox your Deck in order to search for the Monster you need for a given situation. The deck was hit hard by the Banlist and with Onslaught limited to 1 and Princess semi-limited to 2 the deck has lost most of its power. However, with only one Amazoness Princess you can set Onslaught and Special Summon Loading... from the Deck to setup a powerful board. Meanwhile, Loading... allows you to banish any Monster your Amazoness Monsters battle with. This is very powerful since it banishes cards like Loading... and Loading... and reduces the accesibility of cards like Loading... , Loading... and Loading... which need other cards in the graveyard to function.

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Tournaments only
Average size: 20 cards

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Apr 2022 Win Streak April 30th, 2022

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