This is the first Tier List for your new Top Player Council.

Luke Tyler

Despite not yet being enforced in-game, there have now been some more competitive events under the effect of the new banlist (Most notably the MCS, as well as other community tournaments). The post-banlist meta is still not crystal clear, but there is a good feel of what decks will be performing at a high level - and the Tier List is able to be adjusted accordingly.


1 Week after the Zexal World and the new Main Box Shining Hope, the meta appears to have settled down a bit. There is a high variety of different successful decks, but the MCS this past weekend gave us a better view of how the meta is and will most likely develop in the upcoming time. Thew new pure Xyz decks are not performing amazingly so far but a few support cards in upcoming events and boxes could change that fast, so definitely look out for them!

Tier 1

TPC Comments


After the new banlist Crystrons finally got some breathing room with their worse matchups getting heavily nerfed such as Invoked Neos. It has alot of great matchups vs the meta such as Blackwings, Ritual Beasts and Karakuri, its also got a big synchro toolbox to go into now with the 7th Extra Deck spot being added allowing it to run both Loading... and Loading... . The Witchcrafter matchup also got alot easier with them being less likely to have an early Synchro play and losing access to Loading... , giving you time to stall with your Loading... float to draw into Loading... / Loading... or side deck cards such as Loading... to deal with Loading... .

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Since the KC Cup, the Loading... version of Shiranui has started to become popular, and each time we'll be seeing it more with better results. This is a tier 1 deck, it is very consistent and generated a lot of advantage in a short time. This new Shiranui is the best version in my point of view, and will be used a lot.

The small limitations placed on Karakuri does not stop it from being a Tier 1 deck, since it is the only current deck that has a 1-card combo. Karakuri will have strong Top Cut showings in this format.


The last banlist completely changed the meta, and the biggest winners of this meta change were clearly Crystrons. A combination of heavy backrow and Loading... was the biggest counter to the deck, and right now, the meta lacks a strong Invoked variant that could consistently stall till they get their Invoked engine running. Right now the only popular deck that counters Crystrons with its own engine is Witchcrafter, and every other deck in the meta is heavily reliant on opening their counter cards like Loading... or Loading... to be able to fight Crystrons.

Overall, Crystrons have very good matchups all over the board, which means you can afford to side cards to counter your opponents' side deck cards, instead of playing cards that are countering their engine. As long as players are unable to find a proper deck with a combination of backrow and the Invoked engine, Crystrons are going to be one of the best decks, that forces every other deck to run 3 System Down in their Side Deck if they want to compete.


Crystrons are a reliable and consistent Synchro deck that has the toolbox to deal with disruption and can more consistenly grind out wins. The Loading... and Level Duplication variants have both been proven to be strong consistent decks and it doesn't look like that would change for some time.

Karakuri are still one of the best decks in the game. Restart 's new restrictions have only slowed down the deck's explosiveness a little bit, while maintaining the ability to reliably sets up monster effect negation with Loading... 's ability to search Loading... , Loading... 's effect to Special Summon Karakuri monsters from the deck to build a strong board while thinning at an alarming rate and Loading... 's effect to facilitate drawing into disruptive tech cards. This type of versatility to deal with every type of deck in the meta is quite unique which is why it's arguably the best deck in the game right now. Restart still seems to be the best performing and most consistent skill to use but there are also some interesting ideas such as Balance and My Monster Cards . Since the core of the deck is fairly cheap, it is recommended as a priority to build.