There are no changes this week because we as TPC have finally agreed on the meta and thus don't see a reason to change anything for the time being.

Tier 1

TPC Comments


As tournaments have shifted towards the absence of a side deck for a while now, the format seems to be quite stable. The absence of powerful Side Deck cards like Loading... make Karakuri and Crystrons a much more fearsome threat, both of which are battling for the Top 1 deck spot of the format.


There is no doubt about it. This is currently the best deck in the game. Going first with an ideal opener usually has a very high win rate percentage. The main dilemma in terms of competitive tournament deck choice and performance would be - with the uprise of Invoked Magician Girls and both versions of Shiranui, would Karakuri be likely to maintain the current conversion rate into Top Cut? This is something to look out for in upcoming events and KC Cup.


As the meta is settling, Karakuri and Crystrons are presenting themselves as the strongest strategies. Karakuri has the strongest advantage state out any of the Top Decks at the moment and can consistently end on a plus 2 or plus 3 board. However, there is a decent amount of control in the meta which allows Loading... Crystrons to be a strong option; while not as consistent, a Crystron board with SSA is on par with Karakuri in terms of advantage while being more effective against backrow strategies. Due to how many people are in the business of countering Karakuri with backrow decks, Crystrons can find great success while not being quite powerful as their Tier 1 peer.

Prince K

No deck in the current meta controls the structure of other meta decks like Karakuri. Almost every meta deck is set up to deal with Karakuri because it sets up its board of Synchro Monsters and Trap Cards very quickly, often ending your first turn with a full field. The deck can do almost anything, from changing battle positions to negating monster effects. Karakuri can also gain extreme card advantage through Loading... , gaining an additional draw on your turns (and sometimes your opponent's turns). However, at the moment, it got more difficult for Karakuri with Invoked Magigician Girls, a strong matchup against them, becoming more and more popular. Karakuri can only out Loading... with Loading... or a combination of Loading... and Loading... . Nevertheless, Karakuri remains the best deck of the current meta.

Tier 2


Loading... remains the absolute powerhouse of a card he always was enabling Invoked Magician Girls to remain at Top Tier status and Shiranui remains the deck many people trust, due to its versatility and ability to main deck powerful techs cards while also having 1-card combos.