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As expected Darklords continue to dominate the meta. Now with the help of KaibaCorp Bling the deck can recycle Loading... every turn, giving them easy access to Loading... which maintains their oppressive boards.


Many players are transitioning to running KaibaCorp Bling if they have access to a glossy Loading... . Darklords are able to easily trigger the 2000 LP requirement to trigger the skill and loop Banishment by shuffling it back into the deck with Darklord effects.


Darklords found the optimal post-banlist decklist thanks to Negative1. Being able to draw Loading... every turn is hard to keep up with for any deck. In my opinion, KaibaCorp Bling Darklords are Tier 0.5 while normal Darklords are Tier 1.


There is a new way to play Darklords with KaibaCorp Bling and at least one Glossy / Prismatic Loading... . The good thing about it is that it can be activated many times as you want unlike Destiny Draw which can only once per duel. While there are some downsides as well the build seems good enough to keep Darklords on top as the best deck.

wayne kenoff

Darklords now seem even further ahead due to nerf of viable attack boosting skills. The opportunity for KaibaCorp Bling to be abused for Darklords has always been there, but with the explosiveness of Beatdown saw the majority of play. Now with the nerf the viability and abuse of KC Bling has gone thru the roof. Continually being able to recycle the one or two copies of Loading... with the shuffle effect is the perfect combo to truly abuse KC Bling like never before.

Tier 2

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