Considering the "Invoked" decktype has been super bloated with how it's currently defined, consisting of 3 or 4 main variations, each with varying degrees of success. As such, we've split them up into these main variations: Elementsaber Invoked, Invoked Roids, and "Pure" Invoked (This would be for lists that have no other engines and just uses random monsters for its Attributes [like Loading... and Loading... ]).

Tier 1

TPC Comments


Elementsaber Invoked is clearly the best deck in the current meta. Thanks to Loading... they got a lot of OTK potential and with Elementsabers being able to change their Attribute all Invoked monsters are easy to summon. Compared to Invoked Roids this is more Control-y variant with less Loading... being played.


Elementsaber Invoked is the best deck in the game right now with only 1 unfavorable matchup: Darklords. Loading... permits the deck to have free activations for Loading... and Loading... , which are more resource efficient versions of Loading... and Loading... . Combined with the Invoked engine, the deck is able to access whatever Attribute necessary to control the game or go for an OTK.

Tier 2


Blackwings were a bit overhyped but still very strong. With Darklords declining and the introduction of Loading... , Blackwings lost a bit of their strength and clearly got weaker. The perfect build has still not developed and even F2P builds were very sucessfull in the KC Cup as Vino showed with his 2nd Place Finish.

The prime time of Darklords is over! After a long time dominating the metagame they lost their Tier 1 position. The newly released Loading... in combination with Loading... and everyone playing a lot of Loading... resulted in the demotion of Darklords. Setting Loading... is most often too risky and setting it up in the grave will mean that you can only negate 1 monster effect. On top of that that KaibaCorp Bling Darklords are dead even tho Destiny Draw and Compensation are still good skills to use. I think darklords will stay in the meta but slowly decline as six samurais did before.

Invoked Roids have risen out of nowhere thanks to the release of Loading... prior to the KC Cup. Invoked roids have a fast way to get every possible Invoked fusion out thanks to Loading... . Kiteroid is a crazy good card to protect you against Blackwing and Darklord OTKs. Cards like Loading... , Loading... , and Loading... have great synergy with Roids, especially with Loading... who is underestimated in my opinion and was a strong card in the KC Cup.


Darklords are no longer the best deck in the meta. They have a hard match up vs Blackwings and the other Top Tier decks can go toe-to-toe with 'em. Loading... being a part of every Top Tier deck forces Darklords to play more conservatively by setting up Loading... in the GY to avoid risk of it being banished away. This translates to 1 less negation which is usually needed. Loading... is another big factor to this as he protects from Darklords' lethal pushes and leaves them overextended, leading to reverse OTKs.