Due to the upcoming KCC and the Room replay changes, for we are indefinitely moving to 1 Deck, no Side Deck format for every DLM event to imitate the KCC / ladder better. This change is going to affect our upcoming Tier Lists, since not allowing Side Decks has a relevant impact on the meta. It going to especially help Crystrons, they were targeted the most with Side Decks (Loading... , Loading... ). The meta has not changed a lot in the past week, the Machine decks continue to dominate, their performance and strength is unquestionable. The fact that Invoked Magician Girls became the most popular control deck tied with Control Shiranui pushes down Blackwings and Ritual Beasts on the Tier List. Magician Girls are a deck that you can not ignore anymore during tournaments, you likely to face them both in Swiss and Top Cut. The popularity of Invoked Magician Girls also forces Crystron players to play the Loading... version of the deck, since once the SSA lock is completed, Magician Girls have very limited options in terms of counterplay available to them.

Tier 1

TPC Comments

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With the MCS complete, we can clearly see the dominant power of Crystrons. Not only is it a great deck to resist OTK decks, but it also has great OTK potential in its own right. Its 2 versions (Mythic Depths and Level Duplication ) are dominant in the current metagame, being able to generate a large amount of resources by drawing a single Loading... .


Karakuri remain at Tier 1 and despite the flaws of the deck, it definitely deserves this spot but we will see how the following weeks progress. It was the most played deck in both the MCS and Meta Weekly and held its own, having 2 spots in Top 16 of MCS and 3 spots in Top 16 of Meta Weekly. The deck has a lot of power and it is very difficult for many decks to break a Karakuri board going 2nd.

As we see in recent decklists, people have began maining cards such as Loading... and Loading... in addition to already mained cards such as Loading... . Players are teching so hard for Karakuri - and it really shows the impact that Karakuri has on this meta. If Karakuri didn't exist, you would definitely see more cards like Loading... and Loading... being played. At the same time, Karakuri was always a fragile deck and with so much hate being played, Karakuri is at an awkward spot. The rise in popularity of Magician Girls just further makes the match-up spread more awkward.

It should continue seeing a lot of play in the upcoming Meta Weeklys and KC Cup itself (assuming there isn't a significant meta change), and it'll be interesting to see how well it does. It deserves its spot as Tier 1 and will be influencing a lot of deck choices and techs for the foreseeable future.


Crystrons get promoted to Tier 1 due to being one of the most if not the most versatile deck in the current metagame. The deck has a great defensive option in Loading... going first, which can stop almost any OTK attempt, but it also has great offensive power going second with cards such as Loading... combined with powerful Synchros such as Loading... and Loading... which can dismantle opposing boards easily. Both Level Duplication and Mythic Depths versions are being represented quite equally, because each has it's strenghts, such as Mythic Depths having access to Loading... and Loading... which helps either dodge backrow or negate targeting effects, not to mention the destruction before the Damage Step. Level Duplication , on the other hand, has easier access to Synchros like Loading... and Loading... . The deck also has quite favorable matchups across the board including the other Tier 1 deck Karakuri, and its only bad matchups are against both Shiranui versions (Blackwings can spam Loading... , but aside from that the matchup is pretty straighforward). With that in mind, expect to see Crystrons continuing to perform well, especially in a non-Side Deck environment where you don't have to fear Loading... .

Tier 2

TPC Comments

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Crystrons will start to gain popularity - this will make the combo version of Shiranui better. The reason I think this is that Crystons generally prepare to face a lot of backrow, but Combo Shiranui does most of its disruption through monster effects with Loading... . Additionally, this version doesn't suffer much against Karakuri since it can play multiple copies of Loading... without being affected by it, having a good matchup against both Tier 1 decks puts this version in a pretty good spot right now.

Loading... is immortal! We have found the most consistent version of Invoked with Magician Girls. As the weeks go by this deck has become popular because of how it can survive the early turns with the Magician Girls and close out games with the Invoked engine. Additionally, being able to play an absurd amount of Trap Cards makes it an incredibly difficult deck to face.