This Tier List comes before Aerial Assault, so the impact of Blackwings and cards like Loading... on the meta is speculative and may change with more testing / data

Tier 1

TPC Comments


Darklords are still Tier 1 for obvious reasons - the deck is just too opressive and very consistent at it.

Ritual Beasts can easily generate a lot of card advantage with their insane searching power and can outresource any deck in the meta over the course of the duel. Loading... is an insane card that can be easily brought out by this deck and help get rid of bigger monsters while also negating monsters on the opponent's field. Several strong components make this deck Tier 1 worthy.


The massive card advantage Ritual Beasts can pull between Loading... and Loading... is what fortifies the deck against a ruthless meta. It's challenging for decks to overcome Ritual Beasts once they get going, with losses typically attributed to timing out or misplaying under low timer pressure after getting that far in the game. At this point in time, Tier 1 is given to the deck with the understanding it is catered around Loading... and a Skill dedicated to fetching Loading... . Obstacles like Loading... and Counter Traps can wind up finding themselves at the mercy of Cosmic while others like Loading... are troubled by Plasma’s exceptional board-breaking power.


Do I really have to explain? Despite the ban they received, Darklord still sweeps through the competition. The only new thing that could be highlighted in this deck is the diversification in terms of the Skills for this deck (KaibaCorp Bling , Sealed Tombs , The Tie that Binds , Destiny Draw , etc.), with KaibaCorp Bling giving you consistently strong draws.

The star of the show. Ritual Bests are an incredibly strong deck, but due to its complex nature, a lot of practice is needed to master this deck, or simply avoid losing to Time Limit.


Ritual Beats have continued to perform to a high standard, despite players siding cards like Loading... and Loading... to try and disrupt the deck. Ritual Beasts are able to generate a lot of card advantage through loops with Loading... and the ability to search for Loading... enables you to setup a host of follow up plays during your opponents turn. As a result of Ritual Beasts impact on the meta, we are starting to see the return of Counter Trap packages as a way to disrupt this deck.


Ritual Beasts entered the meta! They are one of the strongest decks right now, thanks to Loading... easily being able to win you many games on its own. It's an incredibly strong card vs Darklord and Invoked, the other two strong decks right now.