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Top Player Council Thoughts

With the Regional Representative Qualifiers set to begin, the meta remains fairly stable even with the additions of the new decks from Crusaders' Battlegrounds. Noble Knights, Bujins, and Six Samurais all remain in High Potential as they continue to be tested and refined. The upcoming MCS on June 2nd will likely have a very strong influence on where these decks are placed on the tier list.

Tier 1

Amazoness, Spellbooks, and Sylvans all remain in Tier 1. The power and consistency of these decks remains top-tier, and they have continued to dominate the competitive Duel Links scene.

TPC comments

Amazoness have been showing that they are able to use their side deck well, and are doing increasingly well in tournaments. Spellbooks meanwhile are unstoppable if they draw Loading... and mill well. And Sylvans are still a Tier 1 deck in my eyes if they mill well, not to mention that no one is really siding against them. Being able to use Grit to not lose to OTK decks is also very valuable.