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Top Player Council Thoughts

On the eve of a new Main BOX, the meta remains relatively unchanged from the previous week. The top four decks — Amazoness, Masked Heroes, Spellbooks, and Sylvans — stand head and shoulders above everything else. This is reflected in our notable lack of any Tier 2 decks. No other deck has the representation to match the top four decks, or even to match previous Tier 2 decks. We are in a meta absolutely dominated by four decks and that is reflected in this week's tier list. Questions for the upcoming week include: Will Loading... knock Sylvans down a notch, despite being a dead card after the early game? Will Noble Knights/Bujins/Six Samurais be strong enough to hit the tier list? Overall, how much will this box shape the meta as we head into the Region Representative Qualifiers?

Tier 1

Amazoness, Masked Heroes, Spellbooks, and Sylvans have all been placed in Tier 1. All of relatively equal power, it is rare to see a deck other than these do well in a competitive event right now. Amazoness and Spellbooks are extremely consistent and are driving the current banish-heavy meta; many decks are simply unplayable right now due to Spellbooks’ turn 1 play of Loading... + Loading... (similar to how Cyber Angels wiped out a large part of the meta when they first arrived). Masked Heroes remain one of the most powerful and versatile decks, and benefit from Loading... ’s draw power allowing them consistent access to side-decked cards. Finally, Sylvans are still an explosive and overwhelming deck in many match-ups, and are able to abuse Grit like no other deck.

TPC comments

All of these decks have had good results in recent tournaments and none of them currently stand out above the rest in my opinion. Maybe the new box will provide these decks with some new good/bad match ups and shake up this four deck dominance.