Considering the meta has recently gone through a massive shake-up with the most recent balance update, the meta is in a very formative and unstable state. As such, this Tier List is speculative; expect it to get more refined as more data comes in.

Tier 1


Crystrons are still a powerful deck after the nerf to Transcendent Crystals , but it may take a few steps back as TC allowed you to consistently set up an ideal board on your first turn. The optimal skill has not been decided, but many builds are opting to use Loading... along with Loading... even if they are not using the Loading... engine. Mythic Depths could become the default skill since it was a popular skill even before the nerf to TC. It is worth noting that Crystrons did benefit from the No Mortal Can Resist nerf and that the SSA variant specifically has a much improved matchup against Shiranui decks since they lost Loading... and NMCR. The semi-limit to Loading... does prevent you from playing other cards like Loading... , but this will not greatly impact the overall strength of the deck.


Blackwings and Crystrons are going to be the strongest 2 decks of the upcoming format.

Crystrons may have been hit on the banlist on the form of a hit to Transcendent Crystals and Loading... being semi limited, but the deck is still more than capable of setting up strong defensive plays and summoning Loading... . Transcendant Crystals' nerf means that the deck will be slower and slightly less consistent, but the power ceiling is unchanged. The Loading... version of the deck is likely the strongest version of the deck but Crystrons are flexible enough to potentially branch out to different Skills.

Blackwings saw no nerfs on the most recent banlist, and because many decks are either too slow or unable to run Loading... , Blackwings are in a prime position to dominate many matchups. Reliable access to Loading... means that Blackwings are able to use Loading... consistently to floodgate graveyard-centric strategies such as Crystrons and with the addition to Loading... on the limited list Elementsabers are unable to summon Loading... under Necrovalley.

Tier 2

TPC Comments


Shiranuis have been demoted from Tier 1 due to the recent banlist limiting Loading... to 3, which was their best starter. This stops Shiranui from having access to Loading... (another Limited-to-3 card) making matchups like Blackwings and Loading... Crystrons a lot more difficult. Combined with the return of Ritual Beasts(a previously hard matchup) the deck isn't expected to preform as strong as before with the standard list. Some people have started using Loading... again to have easy access to Loading... to out the Loading... play from Blackwings but there hasn't been results yet.


With the recent banlist Loading... got Limited to 3, which means the deck can't run Loading... anymore. Cosmic Cyclone as a regular backrow removal can be easily replaced by other cards like Loading... , but in certain matchups they going to miss the versatility Cosmic Cyclone brings. Against Blackwings it's going to be harder to remove their Loading... from the field, and they going to have a hard time dealing with Loading... Crystrons without being able to banish Loading... . The nerf of No Mortal Can Resist helps the deck because your opponents wont be able to turn Loading... into Loading... , but Shiranui also lost their main weapon against Crystrons with this hit. The deck always had space for 10-12 tech cards, this can help them adapt to the meta once again, but for now, due to the rising number of their bad matchups, Shiranui is demoted to Tier 2.