Top Player Council Thoughts

While there has not been many tournaments this past week other than the Meta Weekly 64, many league based competitions such as Clan Wars have shown the strengths and weaknesses of some decks and the Top Player Council has concluded after deliberation that the Tier List must reflect these findings.

Tier 1

Ancient Gears remain Tier 1 as they are the best control deck with sizable stats. With 3000 ATK and DEF Loading... is difficult to deal with, compounded with the ability to ignore battle traps and monster effects. It often requires multiple resources to remove from the field in the event that the deck doesn't OTK first.

The Top Player Council has concluded that Koa'ki Meiru is deserving of Tier 1 status after their newest development. The use of KaibaCorp Bling has allowed Koa'ki to retain some of the consistency the deck had prior to the nerf. Equipped with glossy or prismatic Loading... , Koa'ki Meiru players are able to draw diamond core after taking 1k damage or after using Loading... . Since most meta decks cannot consistently put 4000 damage on board on their first turn, many players are forced to not attack on their first turn in fear that their opponent will be able to kill them if given access to Diamond Core.

NOTE: Many TPC members are in agreement that Koa'ki Meiru is only Tier 1 with Loading... and is likely still Tier 2 with Sealed Tombs or The Tie that Binds Glossy and prismatic copies of cards are in no way guaranteed so pursuing this deck for the Loading... variant is cautioned greatly.

TPC Comments:

wayne kenoff:

Koa'ki Meiru have seen a huge resurgence based in the KaibaCorp Bling skill, dropping Loading... due to the limit, and playing Loading... to trigger KaibaCorp Bling to search Loading... , while having access to Loading... /Loading... for further negates. I believe this new way to play Koa'ki puts them firmly into a Tier 1 position. Traditional options to hurt Koa'ki Meiru are also under siege as Loading... is directly countered by Loading... and more decks are playing Loading... . If the meta continues to focus on countering Ancient Gears as the top deck, expect to see Koa'ki Meiru stand above the rest for the remainder of that time.


KaibaCorp Bling Koa'ki is still the best deck in todays metagame. Having a guaranteed Loading... after 1 Loading... is just insane, and very unhealthy for this game. After the nerf Koa'ki also has more room for techs like Loading... to deal with Ancient Gears and Dinos, or Loading... / Loading... to win the mirror match. Sadly it has no real hard counter deck anymore so we have to see how the meta can deal with them.

Tier 2

Dinos remain Tier 2 as they are very consistent and can have explosive turns. What keeps them in Tier 2 and not in Tier 1 is their weakness to Koa'ki Meiru and how easy it is to counter them. Loading... protects Koa'ki monsters from Loading... and since dinos are not capable of OTKing on their first turn they cannot play aggressive without enabling Koa'ki to use KaibaCorp Bling .

Heroes and Amazoness remain Tier 2 on very close votes. One or both of these decks may see demotion after further meta development. The resurfacing of Koa'ki Meiru is a problem for both decks as they face many of the same threats after the banlist that they did before. It is difficult to tech for both Ancient Gears and Koa'ki Meiru since each deck requires different cards to beat consistently.