Tier 1

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Blue eyes has shown a lot of success and popularity in this past week. Blue-Eyes has good match ups against Elementsabers and Dark Magician and isn't too bad against the other meta decks if it can turbo out a quick Loading... . This deck can be played aggressively with Loading... and Loading... to make a Turn 1 Spirit Dragon or a more Trap-heavy Control build with cards like Loading... , Loading... and Loading... .


Blue-Eyes is a strong deck as it can reliably output multiple strong monsters. However, their primary weaknesses are in how well they handle going second and how they intend to beat monsters larger than them. We may see an evolution of the deck away from the current Trap=heavy build or we may see the deck try cards such as Loading... or Loading... to improve it's recovery against strategies that can swing over their 3000 statline.

Tier 2


Since the new format started Thunder Dragons keep getting good results. It's underestimated, even though its worst matchup is most likely the best deck currently. It can hold its own vs any other meta deck and has access to almost any Synchro making them a really versatile and explosive deck.


Shiranui is very flexible in tech and skill choices. They can either play No Mortal Can Resist or Level Augmentation . NMCR is obv a strong skill this format but a lot of players including myself have gone with Level Aug. Making an easy Loading... is a strong Turn 1 opening and even better when you back it up with a Trap or two. This deck has a great match up against Blue-Eyes which usually has a hard time dealing with Sunsaga.

Like Blue-Eyes, Thunder Dragons have seen some success this week. Thunder Dragons are a very resilient deck due to hand traps like Loading... and Loading... and most of the Thunder Dragon monsters being floaters which is great this meta. Also like I’ve said in the past weeks, Thunder Dragons are a very powerful Synchro toolbox deck. Can make a Synchro for almost any situation.

Luke Tyler

No longer mostly represented by its Loading... variant, the control build of Shiranui is versatile in how it can be equipped with a variety of tech card choices that suit the player’s preference and/or to combat the decks they expect to face. Loading... allows for the deck to be quite resilient, and Shiranui boasts a powerful boss monster in Loading... - a card which decks like Blue-Eyes find difficulty in dealing with. Some builds will capitalise on this by playing Level Augmentation to pump out the card faster, whereas other players will use skills such as No Mortal Can Resist in combination with Loading... . In regards to deck building trends, Loading... from the newest box looks to be a great addition to Shiranui’s tech pool - it is something that can be expected to be seen in Shiranui decks in the upcoming week.