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Top Player Council Thoughts

As we prepare for the Region Representative Qualifiers later this week, MCS IX gave an excellent look at the state of competitive Duel Links. Despite the recent addition of a new Main BOX, the meta remained dominated by the same decks as Bujins, Noble Knights, and Six Samurais all saw very little play. Instead it was an older deck — pure Stall — updated for the current meta, that shook things up this week.

Tier 1

Amazoness, Spellbooks, and Sylvans all once again remain in Tier 1. These three decks dominated the top 32 of the MCS and have shown little sign of releasing their hold on the meta.

TPC comments

All of the three Tier 1 decks were highly represented in the MCS and were the majority played in the Top 32. Looks like Tier 1 will remain the same this week.