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The main new card to be highlighted from the selection box and EX structure deck releases is Loading... . Being both proactively and reactively useful and useful, Fiendish Chain holds a lot of value as now being recognised as one of the most versatile generic Trap cards in Duel Links. It is expected to see a fair amount of play in the competitive scene in the upcoming week.

Tier 1

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Blackwings have moved up to Tier 1. They have good match ups against most of the Tiered decks aside from Elementsabers. One of the only decks that doesn't lose to popular cards like Loading... or skills like Sealed Tombs and can also utilize them both very well.


Darklords strength and versatility help it remain at Tier 1. The engine is extremely strong, especially with the help of Compensation , and it is difficult to stop when it gets going. However, it may be demoted very soon due to changes in the meta. Previously, it had a difficult Blackwings matchup but boasted very strong matchups against everything else. Now, with the rising popularity of Dark Magician and 30 card Shiranui, it has some very difficult and awkward matchups. Despite a possible demotion, Darklords should remain very relevant in the meta, just no longer dominating as much as it once was.


The rise of Darklords and 30 card Shiranui decks put Blackwings in a very strong position in the current meta. The aggressive playstyle paired up with Sealed Tombs gives them advantage over the 2 most popular decks of the format.

Luke Tyler

Though no longer a lonesome Tier 1 deck, Darklords remain in a prevalent position in the metagame, with the popular skill still being Compensation . Boasting an arsenal of strong engine cards, Darklords haven’t fallen out of relevance ever since the introduction of Loading... into Duel Links. Despite not being an RNG lenient deck, Darklords have the ability to instantly swing duels in its favour through fortunate top decks and/or hitting good cards with Compensation. It’s evident that only a forbidden & limited list change can erase Darklord from the metagame - as powercreeping the deck out of relevance entirely is unrealistic. In regards to deckbuilding trends, the deck is continuing to use the newly received card to its tech pool in Loading... . Lancea holds a lot of value in matchups across the board; with Darklord in particular the card sees play in most side decks, with many (though less than last week) main decking a single copy. Strong results from Darklord are expected to continue.

Blackwings rise once again on the Tier List, this time bounding from Tier 2 up to Tier 1. This comes as a result of an increase in popularity from its favoured matchups, and a decrease in popularity from its unfavourable matchups. Darklords are seeing more representation in tournament environments, whereas Invoked usage is continuing to trend downwards. Such is an indication of Blackwing’s further uprise in relevancy. Due to Sealed Tombs , a recognition for powerful plays and cards like Loading... , Darklords are recognised as being a favoured matchup for Blackwings. With all the harsh interruption from Elementsaber Invoked, Blackwing is notoriously weak against the deck. In regards to deckbuilding trends, we may see players try using Loading... in their Blackwing decks due to the interaction it has with Loading... (getting to return it to hand to reuse it).


Blackwings have performed well this past week resulting in the bump to Tier 1. The emergence of 30-Card Shiranui has given Blackwings another favourable matchup in the meta, with this version of Shiranui relying heavily on its graveyard effects to protect itself. Blackwings can easily capitalise on this under Sealed Tombs for a quick OTK.

Tier 2