With the KaibaCorp Cup done and dusted (Check out the KCC Report for results and decklists!), this Tier List is once again being made with Side Deck in mind. Bear in mind, Konami could announce a Balance Update at any time to shake up the Meta, so stay tuned for the next Tier List on Monday February 22nd.

Tier 1

TPC Comments


While Noble Knights perfomed modestly in the KC Cup, the TPC are still confident in Noble Knights' strength as we return to Side Deck format. With the immense card advantage provided by their core loop and the reliability of Balance , Noble Knights are expected to thrive. When it comes to deck building trends, a lot of duelists have opted to use Negative1's low-Trap list to increase their going second capability. With the increased diversity of the format, I would be incredibly surprised if Noble Knight-specific hate cards like Loading... and Loading... find their way into Side Decks again, which should be good news for Noble Knights going into this post-KCC format.

Tier 2

TPC Comments


What can we say about Desperado that hasn't already been said? With the insane high-roll Loading... , Loading... and Loading... provide, Desperado is expected to continue to perform well, having the potential to out-luck even the worse of matchups. With Side Deck returning, I would Expect Loading... to retreat to the Side Deck once again, allowing for the higher consistency Loading... provides.

As the premier sack deck of the format, Onomat saw several placings in the KC Cup Top 100. The lists looked more-or-less similar (Although Loading... has been popping up as an additional extender). It will be interesting to see how Onomat will perform in Side Deck format, with the ability to Side into cards like Loading... for non-backrow matchups and Loading... for the Blue-Eyes Matchup, not to mention the bevy of random Onomat cards they can search with Onomatoplay , like Loading... .

While Thunder Dragons weren't the most popular aggressive deck in the KC Cup, they are still one of the strongest highroll decks we have, with the potential to set up both an Xyz Play and Loading... on their first turn if the stars allign. We'll have to see if cards like Loading... find their way into the Side Deck to stonewall other aggressive Decks like Onomat.

Tier 3