For this week, the Tier List is based on the KC Cup format and is not focused on Side Deck format. Most tournaments are currently without Side Deck and on Friday the KC Cup will start.

While in the first day of the KC Cup faster and more sack-oriented decks are preferred and tend to do well such as Onomat or decks like Dragunity / Blackwing / HERO in the past KC cups, on the second day the meta in the top spots is constantly-changing and more control-oriented.

In general, Noble Knight is the strongest deck of the format, so whoever wants to do well and get a possible Gold or Silver Icon needs to be prepared to play many games against Noble Knights.

Tier 1

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Noble Knights are presently the best deck, and are likely to see heavy use in the KC Cup. No deck has a very reliable matchup against Noble Knights, because even if they may be disadvantaged go second, they are overwhelmingly advantaged going first. The standard Noble Knight combo catapults the deck ahead of most other strategies in terms of card advantage, allowing for a potent grind game, which when coupled with its consistency makes it the strongest deck in the meta.

Tier 2

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Desperado is poised to be the definitive anti-meta deck of the format, with the ability to easily main deck Loading... and the quickly see tech cards with the raw draw power of Loading... . While not expected to be super popular in the sacky early stages, Desperado is expected to shine in the later stages, having the potential to lock out decks like Noble Knights and climb off them.


Onomat is assuredly the expected sack deck of this format. It does what decks like Dragunity / Blackwings / HEROs / Cyber Dragon did in the past, but more consistently in the current format as it is not restricted by any limitations on the Forbidden List.

Due to Loading... and their powerful skill Onomatoplay this deck can OTK reliably if they go second. Going first they can easily set up powerful Xyz Monsters like Loading... or Loading... , but going first they are for sure more vulnerable to any kind of disruption.

Games with Onomat usually don't last that long, so you can play multiple games in a short period of time. How this deck performs in Side Deck format will get figured out after the KC Cup is over, but it's a strong deck overall, and is expected to stay on the Tier List after the KC Cup.

Davide Magri

Thunder Dragons stay at Tier 2. It adapted well enough to its new matchups, and as we expected, Loading... gave the deck a noticeable boost to their Turn 1. The Onomat matchup is hard if your opponent opens both Bounzer and Loading... , but if you're able to out it, their deck has no follow-up, as they likely wasted all their resources on that. Water Xyz is an intresting counter, as it is able to play Loading... without much of a problem, but once you cut them off from their Xyz Symmon it's likely that you'll just win, and if you set up a Turn 1 Bounzer they have to open the non-searchable Loading... to flip it down. The matchup is in favour of Water, but Thunder Dragons still have the tools to sneak a win.

In KCC format, having arguably the highest ceiling of any deck in Duel Links right now will help you pick up some games that no other deck can walk away with (I'm looking at you Loading... + Loading... hands), which means it'll likely do well there too.