The new Mini Box: Photon of Galaxy is here, but is it Top Tier??

With Loading... , Loading... , Loading... and Loading... we are getting multiple strong Xyz Monsters who can and will have a meta impact.

While the generic Rank 4 Xyz Monsters can be used in pretty much every deck, the Rank 6 Xyz Loading... is a great addition to the Thunder Dragon Extra deck.

With all this Xyz support and the release of Loading... and Loading... the Onomat deck got a big push and can summon multiple Rank 4 / Rank 6 Xyz Monsters in their first turn. Either making Loading... or Loading... + Loading... Turn 1 or OTKing Turn 2 with multiple Loading... through almost everything, Onomat is for sure something to look out for. We've put at High Potential for the moment, but dont be suprised if Onomat will end up higher on the Tier List in the upcoming weeks, especially as we enter the KCC.

Don't forget to look at other decks too, like the WATER Deck that easy can summon a 2200 ATK Loading... with a Quick-Effect pop (thanks to detaching Loading... / Loading... ) on top of the grave negate.

In summary, this Mini BOX is one of the strongest Mini BOXes we've had in a long time and is definitely an exception for the normally weaker January Mini BOXes

Tier 1

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As we slowly wade into the Mini BOX meta, Noble Knights still look to be the deck to beat. While they face new adversity going second in the form of Loading... and Loading... , they still present the scariest threat with the power of Loading... and Loading... . Additionally, Onomat has entered the meta with their ability to potentially dismantle even the Noble Knight Turn 1 set up and OTK through it, presenting an additional sack threat even if you win the coinflip. It will be interesting to see whether or not this new dynamic will force Noble Knight players to adapt, especially as we close in on the KC Cup.

Tier 2

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Blue Eyes is the only tiered deck that received no benefits from the new Mini BOX. However, it has many ways to face its new counters. Loading... will probably become a staple as it's your only way to beat Loading... , Loading... might become popular due to it just completely destroying Onomats Turn 1 board (the deck lacks consistent followup plays) and Loading... isn't popular enough to be worried about it (Aside from the WATER Deck that puts it on the field very consistently with additional pop).

Onomats potentially being into the format hurts the deck due to their ability to use Loading... , which means that Loading... in the Side Deck is even more useful right now.

In conclusion, Blue-Eyes might shift some tech slots to turbo out Loading... or to break boards before going for plays, but it's still the same deck as it was before.

Tier 3

High Potential

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