We currently find ourselves in a triangle meta consisting of Darklords, Blackwings and Elementsabers. The general consensus being that Darklords are favoured against Elementsabers and struggle with Blackwings, Blackwings are favoured against Darklords and struggle with Elementsabers and Elementsabers are favoured against Blackwings and struggle with Darklords. Whilst each deck has a favourable match up, it isn't as clear cut as one beats the other.

Tier 1

TPC Comments

Autumn Leaf

Elementsaber Invoked established itself as the best deck in the game from the past three Meta Weeklies and time will tell whether this deck continues to be this dominant post banlist. However, as the Invoked variant with the least reliance on Loading... , I expect the success of Elementsabers to continue post-banlist. Though the sample size is small, the loss of Loading... has prompted builds to include Loading... and Loading... ; two staple cards that are strong in the current meta.


Following the Semi-limit of Loading... , there is a split on what is the correct thing to do with Elementsabers' semi-limit slots. Some players are electing to drop Magellanica entirely, allowing you to continue running two copies of Loading... , whilst others are playing one copy of each. Loading... has gone up in usage to counteract the techs we are seeing from Blackwings and some builds have been running multiple copies of Loading... and Loading... , as a way to disrupt both Darklords and Blackwings.


Elementsaber Invoked continues to dominate the meta even after the banlist. The hits are relatively small and dont influence the deck too much, the main thing being the loss of Loading... so they have to switch to Loading... / Loading... .

Tier 2

Autumn Leaf

There are legitimate arguments to be made for Blackwings to be Tier 1 post-banlist but the deck's inherent weakness to Tier 1 Elementsabers make matters difficult. But in all fairness to Blackwings, they have been making the match up better by playing Loading... and their one semi-limited available in TTH to counter the deck's weakness to a face-up Loading... .

Darklords remains a force to be reckoned with after surviving the ban list completely. A perfect Darklord hand will win against anything but its match up against Sealed Tombs Blackwings is questionable and a limited Loading... means that the deck remains fragile against Loading... s. Furthermore, the deck opens completely unplayable more times than a Darklord player would like to see.