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This is the LAST Tier List for this iteration of the Top Player Council, and the last Tier List for the Year. January 2021 marks the beginning of Season 14 and a new Top Player Council, I would personally like to thank this iteration of TPC for their comments, they've been a big help in writing these articles every week - Cheers!


This upcoming box has a lot of familiar faces for TCG players. Hieratics and Star Seraphs are 2 new archtypes in Duel Links and both saw Top Tier play in the TCG, so don't be surprised if that success replicates in Duel Links. Archtypes that were already in Duel Links like Satellarknights and Noble Knights also got new support in Infinite Ray. The new Loading... was one of the few key cards that the strategy needed to shine, since it basically turns 2 Level 4 monsters into a 3-Material Xyz Monster, helping the deck turbo out their current boss monster Loading... . They also got some indirect support with Loading... and Loading... which gives the deck more new and exciting options!

Another deck that can utilize M7 is Thunder Dragons, which now have a reliable and easy to add back a previously-milled Loading... . We also see some new generic Xyz options in this box, Loading... will make previously-released Xyz Monster Loading... much better, and the new Rank 8's like Loading... and Loading... will see play in current Top Tier decks like Blue Eyes or possibly Witchcrafters. Overall, this new box seems to be an amazing addition to the game with many strong cards and, possibly, new top contender decks.


Infinite Ray is the first Xyz-era main BOX with potential for new decks. I am positive that either a new Top Tier deck or a new Top Tier engine could come out of this box. Hieratics receive an archtypal Loading... in Loading... , which as we have seen can boost otherwise average decks into Top Tiers (Darklords, Koaki Meiru). In addition, the deck can easily spam the field. The Star Seraph cards enable easy Rank 4 xyz summoning (Our 3 Monster Zones are a bit of a problem though) but we still lack a good Turn 1 Rank 4 Xyz card. The Noble Knight support is also decent, with Loading... being a great Rank 4 option, and Loading... also has a decent effect while being accessible from the deck via Loading... , meaning you'll most likely not run multiple copies. The Constellar archetype has some really potent cards, yet we are still missing Loading... . Finally, while it seems vulnerable to disruption, Loading... enables easy Xyz plays, so there is potential to see play as well.

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Noble Knights remain at Tier 2 with a very decent matchup spread and ability to quickly generate advantage. When it is able to go first and perform its combo, it is very difficult to beat. Results-wise, it has been performing very well in events, placing first in the Meta Weekly and also in one of the two Meta Freeklys hosted this week. In addition, the deck also performed well in community tournaments and events. It is commonly among the most played decks in tournaments and also manages to convert at a great rate. Results definitely aren't everything, but it doesn't hurt with how well this deck has been doing.

The same problems that existed before about being prone to disruption still haunt Noble Knights and give it a lot of trouble. Many matches are simply coin flip and its a risky deck at times. Most newer builds have adapted to play more traps than before which has helped the Turn 1 but made going second a bit tougher. In addition, in Side Deck format, Noble Knights are plagued by Side Deck cards such as Loading... and Loading... .

Overall, the outlook is very good though, with Noble Knights getting further support in the new upcoming set Infinite Ray. Cards like Loading... and Loading... don't necessarily fix the current issues Noble Knights have, but will still be some sort of buff for this deck. It will be interesting how Noble Knights perform in the upcoming weeks and its outlook is quite bright.

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