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Despite not having the best results this week, Invoked Neos is still very strong and oppresive beign able to use powerful traps without a drawback thanks to Loading... . Also there are no decks that has a super advantageous matchup against it.

The latest results from Witchcrafters cemented it as one of the strongest decks in the current meta, having good matchups all around, aside from having an harder time against Blackwings.


Witchcrafters remain Tier 1, and its place on the Tier List is justified by its results, matchups, and overall impact on the meta. Similar to how Crystrons were countered with Loading... , it has become standard to run 2-3 copies of Loading... in many side decks to counter Witchcrafters. Loading... also continues to be a powerful tech in the meta because of its effectiveness against Witchcrafters as well as other decks in the meta. The rise of other techs such as Loading... in Elementsabers and Loading... in other decks are more examples of this deck's impact on the meta. It is also worth noting that many aggressive WC builds using Loading... and more lightsworn monsters as opposed to backrow removal have been seeing some success. This build has the advantage in the mirror match and attempts to play through backrow with its explosiveness instead of removing them with tech cards.

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Despite not having major representation in tournaments and Clan Wars, Gouki is still a very solid deck that can go toe-to-toe with a big part of the meta. The fact that the monsters search for eachother and that the skill Endless Trap Hell basically does the same for your traps makes this deck somewhat scary to play against, also it can run very oppresive cards like Loading... without any drawback.


Elementsabers are doing better and better as players stopped playing high card ammounts, and they focus more and more on opening the much needed Loading... over playing a bunch of random techs. Elementsabers have adapted to the meta that's ruled by Invoked Neos and Witchrafters. Double Loading... helps to deal with Loading... , and Loading... helps against the big boards of Invoked Neos. If Sabers can keep up this good performance, they can easily get a deserved promotion in the upcoming weeks.