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High Potential

  • Mermails
  • U.A.


Top Player Council Thoughts

With the recent release of a new Main BOX, the Top Player Council has made minor updates to the Tier List and added two new decks --- Mermails and U.A. --- to High Potential as decks to keep your eye on in the coming weeks. Overall, however, the meta remains very stable heading into the next KC Cup.

Tier 1

Fur Hires and Amazoness have both remained in Tier 1. Amazoness is slowly taking over the top spot in the Duel Links meta, running heavy, disruptive backrow and then clearing entire boards with Loading... . They have also received a new toy in Loading... , particularly helping the Spellbook match-up. Drowning is also fairly easy to trigger since Amazoness doesn't always mind skipping its normal summon, being able to special summon off Onslaught or Loading... to quickly re-fill the board when necessary. Meanwhile Fur Hires have continued strong, with many running Loading... and Mythic Depths to abuse Loading... even more than pre-banlist.

The two Tier 1 decks both running strong continuous Trap effects has had the interesting effect of decreasing the value of Loading... (slowing down the meta a bit) and driving up the value of Loading... even further. In turn, non-chainable backrow like Loading... , Loading... , and Drowning Mirror Force benefit from Trunade falling off.

TPC Comments: