Tier 1

TPC Comments

Luke Tyler

The continued prevalence in terms of results and representation justifies Desperado remaining at Tier 1. The deck consists of a strong boss monster, powerful traps and a flexible playstyle that grant it the ability to navigate through various matchups for victory - even those which are considered unfavourable. Furthermore, the deck has a pseudo-Loading... at its disposal in Loading... due to the skill - Master of Destiny . Desperado has been performing well since its debut, and even more strong performances are expected in the coming week.

Reflective of recent performances, Ancient Gear rises to Tier 1 due to many factors that have influenced its uprise in the meta. The deck is resilient to disruptive trap cards (especially those which target) and exploits the ability to deny battle-reliant monster effects. Furthermore, the severe decline in Six Samurai popularity is beneficial for Ancient Gear. With limited poor matchups, Ancient Gears are expected to continue to perform well.


Master of Destiny Desperado continues to perform best out of all the current top decks. It really seems like it has the definitive Number 1 spot right now.


Ancient Gear is in a better place than ever now because all the other powerful decks revolve around monster effects such as Loading... to summon himself and Vendread to search for extra Ritual materials. Due to Blue-Eyes decrease in popularity because of a rough Desperado matchup AG has no real bad matchups these days which makes it a great choice to use for tournaments which are mostly Desperado heavy.

Tier 2

TPC Comments:

Luke Tyler

Cyberdark remain at Tier 2. The deck is able to prove troublesome for many of its opponents with in the format. Even the unfavourable matchups in the format for Cyberdark can be overcome by drawing above average hands that can pump out enough damage to clock the opponent into closing the game out before it's too late.

Spellbook remains at Tier 2. In a very strong position right now, the deck has many favourable matchups across the board - making it a strong deck pick in a diverse format. Loading... is still a solid searchable removal card. Removing monsters without destroying them is a very valuable trait for a card to have (in a format such as this especially). The trend of recent strong performances from Spellbook is expected to continue.

Triamid remains at Tier 2. Though it is a versatile control deck, it does not benefit from the prevelance of Loading... . Furthermore, Loading... and Loading... are rising in popularity - both of which are strong cards against Triamid (Floodgate especially). Nevertheless, the deck is still expected to perform well and it will rotate in popular tech card choices in order to adapt to the meta.