Vendread Deck Breakdown


Vendreads are a Ritual-focused archetype whose main line of play is to give their Ritual monsters quick-effects to banish their opponent's cards. The Vendread Ritual monsters, mainly Loading... , also float into additional resources when destroyed, often giving strong follow-up plays if their original monsters are dealt with (or die because of Loading... ). Loading... offers considerable consistency boosting and the cost of pitching a card to the grave is mitigated by the unique ability of the Vendread Ritual spells to summon from the graveyard. Additional effects like the targeting protection offered by Loading... and the recycling of Loading... are nice searchable tools that the deck has at its disposal depending on the match-up. Alongside Slayer, the main Ritual monsters are Loading... and Loading... , the former offering blanket board protection in a 3000 ATK body and the latter being a way to plow through your opponents' boards even without any of the bestowed effects.

Deck Statistics

Meta Pro
Tournaments only
Average size: 30 cards

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Jul 2024 KoG July 6th, 2024
Gems 57k
30 cards

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