Tier 1


Witchcrafter, even after the banlist nerf, is still one of the best decks in the meta, as the deck is basically the same as before but with more techs (generally used for backrow removal such as Loading... , Loading... and Loading... ). They have lost a bit of consistency for sure, but with the power of Loading... and the card advantage they are able to gain throughout the match, the deck is still really strong and is very hard for any meta deck to deal with. In the end, don't forget this is also one of the few decks on the Tier List that can run one of the best cards in Duel Links: Loading... .

Tier 2

TPC Comments


Blackwings had a solid performance this past week and remain at Tier 2. In the past Meta Weekly it secured 4 spots in the Top 16. In addition, it had solid performances in community tournaments as well.

The deck has clear problems vs control decks but as long as decks like Witchcrafters are popular and among the best decks, then Blackwings will always have space in the meta.


Blue-Eyes barely made Tier 2 this week, and if it doesn't step up its game it's likely to get demoted. The biggest problem with the deck is that you need to play big dragons that do nothing in the hand and the only way to utilize them is through Loading... or Ultimate Dragons (which is inferior to Alternative Evolution . The community is stil split on the build with half the player playing Loading... and half prefering more traps and maybe 1-2 copies of Loading... . In my opinion, the build with Cards of Consonance is the best: while it may seem more bricky, it's the card that can make Blue-Eyes feel unfair and help recycle Loading... easier.

Tier 3


Compared to the other control decks (Invoked Neos, Shiranui), Elementsabers are generally considered to be the worst, with the main problem being it's consistency. Invoked Neos and Shiranui have 1-card combos, but for Elementsabers to fully tap into the power of the deck, they need to have access to both the Invoked and Elementsaber part of the deck, which in the past that was easy with 3 Loading... and Sorcery Conduit . Nowadays, if you wanna play Sabers you can't help but compare it to the other control decks thus with its plummeting popularity it's suitable for Tier 3.

Gouki is a stun deck with monsters that replace themselves, and with Endless Trap Hell , the Traps also somewhat replace themselves as well. Compared to the other Control decks (Invoked Neos, Shiranui, Elementsabers), Gouki is better at stunning decks with all their backrow and if you can't gain the control right away it will be really hard to outresource them. The ability to play Loading... with 0 cost, the ability to play with powerful semi-limits, and the cheesy OTK with Loading... and Loading... make them a valid threat to every Tiered deck.