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Tier 1

Geargias and Masked HEROs stole the show at MCS VII, each bringing ten representatives to the Top 32. These new decks were clear Tier 1 candidates, although they certainly benefitted from many side-decks focused on defeating Sylvans. Geargias with Loading... can swarm and wipe your opponent's board, sitting behind the incredible defense of Loading... , while Masked HEROs with the Fusion Destiny HERO deck-thinning engine (Vyon + Dangerous + Celestial) can draw through their deck until they’re ready to OTK off Loading... . However both archetypes have available counters in Loading... , Loading... , Loading... , Loading... , Loading... and Loading... . It will be very interesting to see how the counters to these decks make their way into side-decks, especially as Sylvans continue to be relevant.

TPC comments on Geargias

If the deck sets up with Ties of the Brethren and Pulse Mines it can be incredibly hard to deal with. Moreover, decks that don’t even play Ties and instead use Balance have also been successful. The deck has solid matchups against most of the format and has access to arguably the best defensive trap in the game in Pulse Mines. One future issue for the deck is that if it remains popular, side-deck cards such as Loading... and Acid Rain may start to see use.”

TPC comment on Masked HEROs

One of the most explosive decks ever since 3SD Ninjas, being able to OTK and end games quickly while keeping consistency, definitely one of the best decks.