March 31st Update

Attack of Tristan Taylor!

You certainly can't mock Konami for not having a sense of humour! Be sure to check out the event guide to get the most out of this event.

New Structure Deck - Dragonic Knights

It has been over a month since we found out in our Datamined Discoveries article there would be a Dragon Structure Deck, we'll be posting a review of the deck shortly so stay tuned!

March 30th Update

New Box: Valaint Souls

Be sure to check out our First Impressions article that has a list of all the cards as well as comments by Top Player Council members!

New Chazz Skill

As we speculated in our Datamined Discoveries article, the new skill that begins the duel with Loading... in your Deck, and Loading... in your Extra Deck does in fact belong to Chazz!

March 28th Update

Card Trader Improvements