Box Review: Valiant Souls

This is the 11th Main Box and was released on April 2nd, 2018. The release of this Box created the following Deck types:

Card List

Ultra Rare Cards

Duel Links Card: Needle%20Ceiling
Duel Links Card: Dark%20World%20Dealings
Duel Links Card: Elemental%20HERO%20Plasma%20Vice
Duel Links Card: Fires%20of%20Doomsday
Duel Links Card: Hardened%20Armed%20Dragon
Duel Links Card: Vision%20HERO%20Witch%20Raider
Duel Links Card: Karakuri%20Ninja%20mdl%20339%20%22Sazank%22
Duel Links Card: Eclipse%20Wyvern
Duel Links Card: Masked%20HERO%20Anki
Duel Links Card: Paleozoic%20Canadia

Super Rare Cards

Duel Links Card: Blast%20with%20Chain
Duel Links Card: D.D.M.%20-%20Different%20Dimension%20Master
Duel Links Card: Elemental%20HERO%20Bladedge
Duel Links Card: Fabled%20Soulkius
Duel Links Card: Double%20Cyclone
Duel Links Card: Mask%20Change
Duel Links Card: Amazoness%20Heirloom
Duel Links Card: Karakuri%20Muso%20mdl%20818%20%22Haipa%22
Duel Links Card: Photon%20Wyvern
Duel Links Card: Geargiattacker
Duel Links Card: Fusion%20Reserve
Duel Links Card: Back-Up%20Rider

Rare Cards

Duel Links Card: Fiend%20Skull%20Dragon
Duel Links Card: Mad%20Dog%20of%20Darkness
Duel Links Card: Hyena
Duel Links Card: Elemental%20HERO%20Wildedge
Duel Links Card: Allure%20Queen%20LV7
Duel Links Card: Diabolos,%20King%20of%20the%20Abyss
Duel Links Card: Parallel%20World%20Fusion
Duel Links Card: Fabled%20Gallabas
Duel Links Card: Elemental%20HERO%20Ice%20Edge
Duel Links Card: Stygian%20Dirge
Duel Links Card: The%20Fabled%20Ganashia
Duel Links Card: The%20Fabled%20Kokkator
Duel Links Card: Fabled%20Dianaira
Duel Links Card: Amazoness%20Fighting%20Spirit
Duel Links Card: Masked%20HERO%20Goka
Duel Links Card: Masked%20HERO%20Vapor
Duel Links Card: Karakuri%20Bushi%20mdl%206318%20%22Muzanichiha%22
Duel Links Card: Phoenix%20Beast%20Gairuda
Duel Links Card: Hieratic%20Dragon%20of%20Gebeb
Duel Links Card: Hieratic%20Dragon%20of%20Asar
Duel Links Card: Hieratic%20Dragon%20of%20Sutekh
Duel Links Card: Geargiano%20Mk-II
Duel Links Card: Geargiaccelerator
Duel Links Card: Armed%20Protector%20Dragon
Duel Links Card: Geargiano%20Mk-III
Duel Links Card: Geargiauger
Duel Links Card: Mask%20Charge
Duel Links Card: Kabuki%20Dragon
Duel Links Card: Geargianchor
Duel Links Card: Paleozoic%20Pikaia
Duel Links Card: Amazoness%20Baby%20Tiger
Duel Links Card: Amazoness%20Onslaught

Normal Cards

Duel Links Card: Mysterious%20Puppeteer
Duel Links Card: Blast%20Juggler
Duel Links Card: Electric%20Snake
Duel Links Card: Lesser%20Fiend
Duel Links Card: Ryu-Kishin%20Clown
Duel Links Card: Dimension%20Jar
Duel Links Card: Arsenal%20Robber
Duel Links Card: Two%20Thousand%20Needles
Duel Links Card: Nubian%20Guard
Duel Links Card: Fake%20Hero
Duel Links Card: Spell%20Calling
Duel Links Card: Allure%20Queen%20LV3
Duel Links Card: Allure%20Queen%20LV5
Duel Links Card: Iris,%20the%20Earth%20Mother
Duel Links Card: Lightning%20Punisher
Duel Links Card: Queen's%20Bodyguard
Duel Links Card: Metal%20Shooter
Duel Links Card: Abyssal%20Kingshark
Duel Links Card: Tongue%20Twister
Duel Links Card: Silent%20Strider
Duel Links Card: Fabled%20Urustos
Duel Links Card: Fabled%20Dyf
Duel Links Card: Earthquake%20Giant
Duel Links Card: Karakuri%20Showdown%20Castle
Duel Links Card: Golden%20Gearbox
Duel Links Card: Karakuri%20Anatomy
Duel Links Card: Amazoness%20Scouts
Duel Links Card: Karakuri%20Gold%20Dust
Duel Links Card: Karakuri%20Ninja%20mdl%207749%20%22Nanashick%22
Duel Links Card: Runaway%20Karakuri
Duel Links Card: Doom%20Donuts
Duel Links Card: Drill%20Barnacle
Duel Links Card: Geargiano
Duel Links Card: D-Boyz
Duel Links Card: Hieratic%20Seal%20of%20the%20Sun%20Dragon%20Overlord
Duel Links Card: Hieratic%20Seal%20of%20Supremacy
Duel Links Card: Hieratic%20Seal%20of%20the%20Dragon%20King
Duel Links Card: Hieratic%20Seal%20From%20the%20Ashes
Duel Links Card: Geargiarsenal
Duel Links Card: Spell%20Recycler
Duel Links Card: Humpty%20Grumpty
Duel Links Card: Face-Off
Duel Links Card: Paleozoic%20Eldonia
Duel Links Card: Paleozoic%20Marrella
Duel Links Card: Paleozoic%20Leanchoilia
Duel Links Card: Amazoness%20Spy

Post Release Updates

Machdragon says:

I was right about Amazoness. The new Amazoness Trap (Amazoness Onslaught) is decent, but still requires more impactful monsters to put it on the radar.

Mask Change definitely feels like it has Tier 1 potential. Mask Change, Forbidden Chalice, Enemy Controller and Powerful Rebirth combo very well with Storm. Can be explosive as Red-Eyes Zombie while playing a consistency skill or Destiny Hero Dark City with multiple Cosmic Cyclone.

Geargia still feels a bit too slow and fragile if the engine is not backed up by many traps. Balance or Restart may improve consistency of opening hands.

SelectMaple says:

I was about wrong Dragons becoming a potential deck in the meta. Even though with Konami adding more Dragon support into the game, Dragons still don’t have enough for them to be a competitive deck.

As for Geargias, I definitely do see potential in them. Though, while testing the deck, as Jason says below, the deck is missing something. Though, this may be because not many Control Decks are viable in the meta, due to other faster decks like Cyber Angels and Sylvans.

Amazoness do have potential, especially with the new trap card, Amazoness Onslaught. But this deck feels like a slower and less consistent version of Sea Stealth Attack.

Glading says:

Geargia can be put in Tier 2 right now, it can smash every other decks by its devastating monster and backrow removal effects.

Masked Hero is also a pretty good control decks if you run Destiny Heroes Dark City, it is Tier 3 deck for now.

Amazoness is still missing other cards’ support, we need to wait until the Elegant Mai event comes round.

Paleozoic still need more testings. I tried a That Grass Looks Greener-Citadel Whale version, but Whale itself is no longer dominating in this meta, so at least it’s a High Potential deck.

Whilipino says:

Geargia have a little bit more potential than I thought they would. Feels like it has pretty good match ups with a lot of the meta decks, but it feels very fragile and the recovery game is near non-existent. The deck also feels impossible to win with in certain match ups if you’re going second (and this is something you can’t control). Though, the deck is very powerful when it gets rolling because a bunch of non-targeting destruction is pretty good.

Dragons are garbage as of right now. There needs to be better dragons in this game because the ones out right now aren’t good enough.

Mask Change has a lot of potential and probably pushes the Destiny Hero deck to at least Tier 2 when people completely refine the deck.

kwrowe says:

Yeah Geargia have much more potential than I thought. They have a good matchup against Aliens and an okay one against Sylvans. Only issue as Whilipino said is that they kinda rely on going first in certain games (Sylvans). I still don’t think the deck will be anywhere near Tier 1 but Tier 2/3 is probable.

Whybona - 2nd EU says:

Masked Heroes are just as strong as I expected them to be and although the deck is still being optimised, in the current meta generic heavy backrow has faded out slightly, meaning the deck easily has the potential to be at least a Tier 2 deck.

I don’t think that Paleozoic Canadia + Vision HERO Witch Raider has enough variety in its win cons to be competitive and the Fires of Doomsday and Treeborn Frog decks are now missing tribute monsters which are strong enough to match this tribute support. - I do still think that Geargia has potential but the deck feels sluggish in this meta and all the out of battle removal right now can really hurt it, despite that I do think it could hit Tier 3 if a build is found which is faster and more consistent.

Dragons and Amazoness also still feel like they’re missing enough support cards to be relevant.

》3K《 All Day says:

Mask Change in my opinion has huge potential in todays meta bringing an almost Three-Star Demotion Ninja like feeling with them. I can easily see them hitting Tier 2, with even the possibility of Tier 1.

Paleozoic Canadia + Vision HERO Witch Raider seemed really good on paper but from what I constantly keep seeing is bricks, heart of the card top deck attempts and about 50/50 wins and losses. This stays right where it is right now.

I haven’t tried Geargia yet personally but from what I’m seeing its bringing a new form of “Statue Control” type aspect back to the game, which was one of my favorite decks. But like “Statue Control” now, it just still might be too slow. I think this deck goes to High Potential, but not a Tier just yet.

AndyTsang says:

Geargias: good utility archetype. A little slow but not damning. Machines are probably the most double edged typing in the game, with support like Pulse Mines and hate like Acid Rain.

Heroes: Mask Change is remniscient of Black Dragon Ninja, but the Hero cards as a whole lack the removal cards that Ninjas had (looking at you, Elemental HERO Stratos).

Super Vegito says:

So far Masked Heroes have proved to be very explosive, taking advantage of the few backrow heavy decks in the current meta. I can see them being Tier 2.

Geargia are still too slow in my opinion, even though access to Pulse Mines and Ties of Brethren could help their cause. It should be moved to High Potential for now.

Kaki says:

I only tested Paleo and Geargia.

Pure Paleo is not good they need a Trap card for Spell/Trap removal like Paleozoic Olenoides or Dust Tornado right now it is just a YouTube deck.

Geargia is as I expected a good deck they are Tier 3 for me right now I really like Ties of Brethren and Pulse Mines maybe the deck can reach Tier 2 in future.

MiguelJoker - 6th Global says:

Geargias are High Potential for me, because the builds aren’t at their best yet - I agree with Willipino.

  • Negative points:
    • Can’t recover from a big field destruction play, if you can’t fix your field fast you will likely lose.
    • With decks like Sylvans you must start first otherwise you will likely lose.
  • Positive points:
    • Destruction effect doesn’t target.
    • If you start first with an hand like Ties of Brethren, 1 Monster, protection you will likely win.
    • It has Monster/Spell removal.
    • Pulse Mines is one of the best trap cards in the meta right now.

Dragons are High Potential for me. I still believe this deck didn’t found its best build or playstyle so I think it deserves a shot.

  • Positive points:
  • Negative points:
    • If you start first you have a big disadvantage in this deck.
    • Not consistent enough presently.
    • Lacks monster removal effects.

Masked Heros are probably Tier 2.

I didn’t test other decks as I’m too busy at the moment, I wont even have time for MCS or KC Cup I believe.

Kayoh - 7th NA says:

Masked Heros are Tier 2 potential just like everyone predicted with a consistent and huge OTK potential. They are basically Ninjas 2.0 with a decent draw engine and it has a lot of room for techs like Red-Eyes Zombie, so it will be able to adapt with the meta. I think playing them with Restart and/or Vision HERO Vyon may be better than Destiny Calling.

Geargias are High Potential. Needs at least 2 turns to set up and are highly dependent on backrow support like Pulse Mines so they can get out multiple monsters on the field. But if the opponent allows them to set up, they’re screwed (that pun was totally not intended).

I tested a lot with Amazoness already. I love the deck, but I don’t think it’s ready to hit the Tier List/High Potential. It’s too reliant on Amazoness Onslaught. If it gets Cosmic Cyclone‘d you lose (and Cosmic Cyclone is still common, I got hit by it a few times on the ladder too). It’s not like Sea Stealth Attack where you still have a chance even after you lose your Umi. A perfect hand is probably Onslaught with 3 Monsters - your opponent will have a really hard time dealing with that.

Dragons: I love Red-Eyes Slash Dragon so I was probably a bit bias earlier when I said this deck had potential on the Tier List with the new Dragon support. I know Boa is playing a lot with this deck and trying to figure out the best way to play it. For right now it just lacks consistency, and like Miguel said, starting first is a huge disadvantage. I don’t see it being Tier 3 right now, so I won’t bother placing it in High Potential.

AdoboBoy - 5th NA says:

Geargia are either High Potential or possibly Tier 3. They are a bit slow, but can easily dominate certain matchups if you get off Ties of Brethren and have protection, like Pulse Mines. Though if they ever become really popular, they are easily countered by Acid Rain just like Ancient Gears was. No one has found the right build yet.

Masked Heroes are a possible Tier 2 deck. It is a very fast deck and has plenty of OTK potential, and a good draw engine. Struggles to deal with some big monsters like Saffira, Queen of Dragons boosted by Cyber Angel Idaten for example.

Dragons are a Youtube deck at best. I honestly think Dragons are garbage.

[Top Player Council](/top-player-council/) - First Impressions

“What are the new deck types to look out for and the best cards for those deck types?”

skillShot says:

Masked Heroes, with the new quick play spell card Mask Change will open up possibilities for HERO decks with different skills such as Destiny Calling or Field of the Warriors.

Paleozoic Canadia looks like a really good card. It can potentially be used along with Vision HERO Witch Raider and the other Paleozoic support.

I think Dragons will be a thing with all the new support that’s coming. Eclipse Wyvern looks very interesting but I think it’s better to wait and see.

kwrowe says:

Masked Heroes will likely be combined with Destiny Heros to make a top tier deck. The two stand out cards are Mask Change and Masked HERO Anki. Mask Change works in a similar way to the Ninjitsu trap cards, by sending a card to the graveyard to summon another monster. However, because it’s a quick-play spell there are no issues with Cosmic Cyclone - a card that Ninja’s struggle with. Furthermore, it can be used to facilitate OTK plays the turn it is drawn, unlike the Ninjitsu cards which require set up. Another advantage with Mask Change is its synergy with Masked HERO Anki, which allows you to search for a copy of Mask Change when it destroys a monster by battle. Being a 2800 beater, that has the ability to attack directly, it is not hard to imagine the OTK potential this card has. Other cards from the set that could be used are Masked Hero Vapor and Vision HERO Witch Raider. I strongly believe this will be a Tier 1 deck once optimized.

Karakuri’s were a top tier deck in the TCG, but will not have the same power in Duel Links because they relied on Synchro monsters that are not currently in the game. However, they have a helpful draw card in Karakuri Anatomy and some good synergy with Spike Shield with Chain, as the monsters must change to defense after making an attack. The best cards for the deck will be Karakuri Muso mdl 818 “Haipa” - a 2100 beater, and Karakuri Ninja mdl 339 “Sazank” - a monster that has an effect similar to Man-Eater Bug but with a more respectable 1200 ATK/DEF. When Synchro monsters do eventually come to the game, this deck could become top tier if Karakuri receives further support.

Geargia were another strong archetype in the TCG, but their effects may be too slow to keep up with decks like Sylvan’s and Cyber Angels. They still have some good cards to work with. Geargiano Mk-II allows for swarming, Geargiarsenal is an effective searcher, Geargiattacker can be used for spell/trap destruction and Geargianchor monster destruction. The deck may benefit from some kind of boss monster, as none of the cards have more than 1900 ATK.

A deck focusing around Vision HERO Witch Raider may have some potential because of Fires of Doomsday and Paleozoic Canadia that allow you to special summon normal monsters when another trap is activated. These cards provide good tribute fodder. However, it remains to be seen how effective this deck could be because most decks on the Tier List currently do not rely on heavy backrow, or run chainable backrow. Still, the introduction of the new set could change this.

Fabled cards have also been released but they are unlikely to have any impact as a competitive deck.

I think for the Amazoness deck to be good, the recent datamined skill that starts the Duel with Amazoness Village would have to come out. There is a chance that the skill is just being added for a character in Battle City event in April and won’t be a usable skill. Without that skill, the deck lacks a reliable search engine, something that most decks on the tier list now seem to have in one form or another.

SelectMaple says:

New Potential Decks

Masked/Destiny HEROes: Already being a viable deck, Destiny Heroes are getting even more support with the new cards; Masked HERO Anki and Mask Change. The 30 card deck version being able to Fusion Summon for Destiny HERO - Dangerous out on your first turn, you are able to OTK your opponent a lot quicker as Mask Change is a Quick-Play Spell and can be activated during the Battle Phase. Not only do these new Masked HERO cards synergize with the 30 card version, but also the Dark City version with Destiny HERO - Drilldark. I believe this will be a great deck to use in the upcoming KC Cup and will be a higher tier than what the deck is at now.

Paleozoics: Having not just topped in tournaments, but also getting first place in 2 YCS’s in the TCG, Paleozoics is another deck to look out for. Giving us Paleozoic Canadia, similar to Floodgate Traphole and Book of Moon (not currently in the game) and Paleozoic Pikaia, which is draw power, is good enough for a viable deck. Mixing these with the current Citadel Whale decks, allows the deck to have protection from cards like Super Rush Headlong as well as fuel for Abyss Soldier. I do not see a pure Paleozoic deck being viable but Canadia and Pikaia can be mixed with other current top tier decks or even new decks with cards we already have.

Dragons: As Konami has been releasing Dragon support since the launch of the game, there is no way I don’t see potential in them. With the new structure deck coming out soon along with Eclipse Wyvern in this box, Dragons have versatility. Arkbrave Dragon will most likely be the main boss monster in the deck as it is able to banish face-up Spell/Trap cards on the field and can revive another Dragon monster from the grave. There could be a better version of a Red-Eyes Slash Dragon deck as it synergizes well with Paladin of Felgrand and Dragon Knight of Creation. Though, I believe that there will be a Dark and Light Dragon version, or Chaos Dragons, which can utilize other cards already in the game such as Darkflare Dragon and Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Evening Twilight.

Geargia: Another top deck that was in the TCG, I believe Geargias have some potential in them. As Geargias was superior in the TCG due to Xyz Monsters, we do not have the luxury of the black bordered cards yet, but that does not mean they aren’t good without them. With Geargiattacker, Gearianchor, and Geargiarsenal being the main core, this control deck has both monster and backrow removal which is similar to other current decks such as Fishes, Sylvans and Gladiator Beast. Though having slower effects than those decks do, this deck can potentially be a newer version of Statue Control, possibly adding Desert Sunlight to speed things up.

Other Archetypes

Karakuri: Though a great deck in the TCG, Karakuris have little support added and no Synchros in the game yet. But looking at the current cards leaked, they have some synergy with Ninjitsu Art of Transformation and Ninjitsu Art of Duplication. As Karakuri Ninja ndl 339 “Sazank” and Karakuri Ninja mdl 7749 “Nanashick” are both able to be summoned by those two cards. But with the meta having Cosmic Cyclone as a staple, I doubt that there will be a viable version in the meta.

Fabled: Same with Karakuri as Fableds have little support and no Synchros. The Fabled Ganashia being one of the only ones to have Fabled signature effects of being discarded, along with The Fabled Lurrie which is already in the game and not being used.

Hieratic: Same with Karakuri and Fableds, not even support and no Xyz/Synchros for them to be viable.

Glading says:

Geargia (Geargiattacker, Geargianchor, Geargiarsenal): monster and backrow removal built in the system, very flexible.

Paleozoic (Paleozoic Canadia): potential synergy with Citadel Whale and That Grass Looks Greener, playable even without Whale by teching in cards like Order to Smash and Order to Charge.

Mask-Destiny Hero (Masked HERO Anki): Anki makes OTK easy, but still lacks backrow removal. So I think it still be built into current Destiny Hero decks.

Amazoness (Amazoness Onslaught): Onslaught can special summon other powerful Amazoness monsters. It has monster and backrow removal, not as good as Geargia, but still can at least be a high potential deck.

MiguelJoker says:

Maybe Destiny Heroes Anki, Paleozoics Monarchs, Fabled D-World, Tongue Twister Monarchs, Geargias Control, D.Dimension BLS.

Kaki says:

The set contains three new archetypes that will impact the meta.

At first we got Geargia. The deck seems to be similar to Fishes with Geargianchor and Geargiattacker acting like Golden Flying Fish for monster and backrow destruction and Geargiarsenal having the same effect as Beautunaful Princess but you can play three of it and you can use Powerful Rebirth with it.

Next we got an archetype that is still a top tier deck in the TCG. We get them without Frogs but Paleozoic is still a potential tier 1 deck. Paleo has so much utility with the trap monsters being unaffected by monster effects and treated as normal monsters, so there should be space for some crazy ideas in the future. The best Paleozoic card is Paleozoic Canadia. Flipping a monster face-down is a powerful tool but the card will also be a great tech in other decks.

And lastly we got the new Hero support. With Vision Hero Witch Raider we get a powerful boss monster and a tool for backrow destruction that has great synergy with the new Paleozoic trap cards. Also the new Masked HERO Anki pushes their OTK potential.

Whybona says:

Masked Heroes: Masked HERO Anki and Mask Change seem like a very strong combination and kind of reminiscent of Ninjas with the ability to special summon a 2800 attack monster from the use of a quick play spell. These could fit into Destiny Heroes extremely well synergising with the dark attributes and also working well with the effects of those monsters. For example, a combo with this card would be to summon Destiny HERO - Decider, attempt to attack to force out backrow (if using the Destiny Calling skill you will be able to force out resources even better) and then in the battle step or after your attack has gone through you can use Mask Change to get out Anki. This combo then allows Decider to add itself back to the hand in the end phase and if Anki destroyed a monster then you will also be able to add Mask Change from your deck to your hand and repeat the combo again next turn. Similar combos can be done with Destiny Hero Celestial in order to pop enemy field spells and then get it into the grave yourself, which is where it wants to be in order to activate the draw 2 effect.

Paleozoic/Vision Hero Witch Raider: Some people have been theorising a deck incorporating the new Paleozoic trap card with Vision Hero Witch Raider. The traps are able to give you easy access to tribute summon Witch Raider through their secondary effects of summoning tokens as well as being used with the effect of Witch Raider itself. This would create an easily summonable boss monster with the ability to wipe the whole of your opponent’s backrow on summon.

Fires of Doomsday/Treeborn Frog: The new card Fires of Doomsday opens up a lot of options in the Treeborn tribute decks with the ability to special summon two tokens as a quick play spell which can be used to tribute summon dark attribute monsters (not on the same turn). This card has synergy with many strong dark attribute monsters including Angmarl the Fiendish Monarch, Invader of Darkness and the new card Vision Hero Witch Raider. If a consistent version of this deck can be built then it has the tools of backrow destruction, the ability to play around the effects of monsters like Sylvan Komushroomo with Soul Exchange and deck thinning and search power with the use of Angmarl.

Geargia Control: The Geargia archetype has the potential to fill the role of the medium-slow paced control deck in the meta which Gladiator Beasts previously held. The deck has built in monster removal, spell/trap removal and also has the ability to search and special summon any of the monsters in the deck through Geargiarsenal. It also has the ability to easily special summon monsters from the graveyard through Geargiano Mk-II giving the deck recovery potential and some swarm ability. The deck may struggle to keep up in this meta of mass removal but they have access to some strong backrow cards like Pulse Mines thanks to being machines. This means that they would be able to survive OTK attempts from decks like Sylvans and CA and then grind back into the game after when those decks have committed to their big plays. It also provides access to interesting cards like Gravity Blaster which could see some play in order to counter Sylvans playing around the current effect negation cards which Sylvan decks use.

Machdragon says:

Masked Heroes!: Mask Change gives Heroes much higher flexibility with the ability to dodge targeting effects and higher damage output.

Kayoh says:

Masked Hero

The new Masked Hero cards are likely to be the best cards from this box in terms of their impact on the meta. The release of the Destiny Hero Structure Deck pushed the Dark City version of this deck to a respectable ‘Notable King of Game Deck’ level, with cards like Destiny HERO - Celestial, Destiny HERO - Drilldark and Destiny HERO - Dangerous providing a solid draw engine, OTK potential and consistency, but overall still lacked in power to make the tier list. With the release of Mask Change and Masked HERO Anki, this deck definitely has the potential to hit the tier list. Mask Change is a quick-play spell that allows you to easily summon Anki from the extra deck by sending a dark Hero monster you control, which combos with all the Destiny Heros in this deck. Being quick-play means you’re able to make an initial attack with your level 4 monsters, and are able to respond with Mask Change if your opponent plays a backrow like Enemy Controller/Wall of Disruption etc. The OTK potential of this deck skyrockets as you can easily get out a 2800 beater that can attack directly (though halved damage). Also, if you manage to destroy their monster with Anki, you can search another Mask Change and use it again in the same turn for another Anki.

The current Tier 1 deck: Sea Stealth Attack, will have a bad time against this match up. Destiny HERO - Celestial will destroy their Umi on attack declaration, and then Mask Change activated in the Battle Step for a Masked HERO Anki to get over the Citadel Whale - insane! Expect to see it in next week’s Meta Weekly.


This archetype is interesting, works similarly to Dark Worlds as Fabled has effects that activate by discarding them. Note: Fabled effects like The Fabled Ganashia work even with cards that need a discard cost, like Tribute to The Doomed, whereas Dark Worlds don’t. Overall, I don’t see this archetype being a threat with the current datamined cards.

The Fabled Ganashia: an overall good card that can be used outside of the Fabled archetype. Can be discarded by Snipe Hunter, Divine Wrath, Tribute to The Doomed etc, and be special summoned from the Graveyard with 1800 attack. I can see this card being played in Snipe Hunter control decks. Also might be a useful tech in Counter Fairies.

Fabled Dianaira and Fabled Dyf have cool synergy. If you have Dyf on the field and discard Dianaira from your hand with a card effect, you can tribute your Dyf to special summon Dianaira. Dianaira does have a useful effect of stopping your opponent from using spells, and a strong 2800 attack.


This archetype is still lacking support, and will likely become a lot better in the future (potentially with the addition of Synchros). Important note to players interested in playing this deck:

Karakuri Showdown Castle is a great card to play in this deck as it acts like a permanent Enemy Controller (switching monsters to defence).

Its secondary effect allows you to special summon level 4 or higher Karakuri monsters in your Graveyard when the field spell is destroyed, which is really good. However, you can miss timing on the secondary effect if:

  • You Storm away the field spell
  • You activate another field spell But Double Cyclone does not miss timing, so that’s possibly a good card to use here.


The only good thing about this archetype is being YouTube clickbait. But seriously, I don’t see this deck being any good. Requires way too much set up.

Whilipino says:

(Most potential) Masked Destiny Heroes: Mask Change and Masked HERO Anki.

Geargia: Geargiaarsenal, Geargiaattacker and Geargiaanchor.

Karakuri: Karakuri Muso mdl 818 “Haipa”, Karakuri Ninja ndl 339 “Sazank” and Karakuri Anatomy.

Hieratic: Hieratic Dragon of Asar and Hieratic Dragon of Gebeb.

Odion Paleozoics: Paleozoic Canadia, Paleozoic Marrella and Vision HERO Witch Raider

“Which cards do you think are absolutely needed?”

skillShot says:

Paleozoic Canadia can surely be worth using in the SSA deck as it is a generally good backrow card, and its second effect can be used for protection or tribute fodder for Citadel Whale. I would say it can replace Enemy Controller in the deck.

kwrowe says:

Mask Change and Masked HERO Anki, for the reasons listed above.

SelectMaple says:

Vision HERO Witch Raider: Though many will put this card in their HERO decks, I believe that Witch Raider is not just for HEROes, but for any deck. It’s universal as it can use any Monsters and/or Traps to summon it, and being able to clear your opponents backrow. Though be careful not to use Powerful Rebirth on your turn as you will not be able to get Witch Raider’s effect.

Glading says:

Paleozoic Canadia could become the next Enemy Controller - it can put big tricky monsters like Cyber Angel Dakini face-down, and it can also stop monsters with effects like Golden Flying Fish or Snipe Hunter.

Kaki says:

Paleozoic Canadia: a great tool to control/interrupt your opponent’s plays. Good against Cyber Angel Dakini, Golden Flying Fish, Alien Overlord or Sylvan Hermitree.

Masked HERO Anki + Mask Change: Mask Change upgrades your dark Hero monster to Masked HERO Anki, a powerful beatstick, and deals much damage with his effect allowing you to add a second Mask Change, summon him again and continue to push.

Whybona says:

Paleozoic Canadia: this is an extremely strong card, essentially performing as a slower Book of Moon making it useful in its own right and a potentially useful backrow card in a multitude of decks but it’s the second effect which is most interesting for Sea Stealth Attack decks. The ability to special summon a water attribute token to the field provides even easier access to Citadel Whale and is likely to be used as the main defensive card in Whale SSA decks moving forward.

Machdragon says:

Dark World Dealings is a nice pick up for Dark World and Archfiend decks that are able to counter Sylvans.

Kayoh says:

Mask Change and Masked HERO Anki will greatly improve Destiny Heroes, a must for this deck for reasons stated above.

Paleozoic Canadia: I believe this may become a main card in Sea Stealth Attack decks as it synergizes well with Citadel Whale. Good side-deck potential in other decks. Comparable to Floodgate Trap Hole, but you’re forced to use Floodgate on a monster summon only, whereas Canadia can flip monsters face down whenever you want, like in the middle of battle, which makes it more versatile. However, opponent can flip their monsters next turn. Note: flipping your opponent’s monsters face-down means they lose any attack/defence boosts, so a 3700 ATK Cyber Angel Dakini will lose the boost from Cyber Angel Idaten and return to 2700 ATK once flipped up. They also lose their Dakini’s End Phase effect.

Whilipino says:

Paleozoic Canadia: good generic trap with many flexible uses - stopping attacks, preventing ignition effects the turn a monster is summoned. Its effect to summon itself back from the Graveyard can be useful as a body blocker, additional tribute summon, or an additional 1200 damage to push for game.

Mask Change/Masked HERO Anki: these cards help push Destiny Heroes further. Mask Change allows the Hero player to push through back row with ease and provide easy OTK’s with Anki. Anki’s effect to search another mask change allows for easy OTK’s and it’s effect to attack directly can be the difference between having game and losing.

Dark World Dealings: now everyone who didn’t have these before can finally play their Dark World decks.

“Which cards do you think are maybe needed in some decks?”

skillShot says:

Paleozoic Canadia can be a good generic backrow card, for control-ish decks as it is good against Storm/Red-Eyes Spirit plays.

Karakuri Ninja ndl 339 “Sazank” even though Ninjas are not a thing anymore because the changes on Three-Star Demotion skill and the increase of Cosmic Cyclone use in the competitive scene, but I think its worth mentioning.

kwrowe says:

Paleozoic Canadia has an identical effect to Book of Moon, but also allows for a normal monster to be summoned. This card will likely become a top tier card when Synchro monsters are released because monsters need to be face-up. However, even without Synchro cards this card is still powerful because it can prevent monster effects being activated, if used when they are summoned.

SelectMaple says:

Fires of Doomsday: similar to Stray Lambs, getting two tokens on the board, but can only Set a monster the same turn you activate it. But what makes Fires of Doomsday a whole lot better is that it is a Quick-Play Spell and can be activated during you opponents turn. It can fit in decks such as Archfiends, as they are currently on the rise.

Needle Ceiling: a good side deck card in the TCG and can potentially be a great card in Duel Links. Against a deck that can easily swarm such as REZ and Sylvans, Needle Ceiling can come in clutch. Though with REZ having Samurai Skull to be able to Special Summon a Gozuki when it gets destroyed and Sylvans having Rose Lover to dodge Trap effects, Needle Ceiling isn’t in a very good position in this meta. But, I may be wrong about this card and it can potentially be very good and a viable side deck card.

Dark World Dealings: we have already seen what Dark World Dealings can do in some decks as it just adds draw power. But since the card is only played in Dark Worlds, I personally will not need Dark World Dealings, but it is nice to have.

Photon Wyvern: this card is like a bigger Fenghuang as it destroys all Set cards. Seeing how it is 2 tributes, it is a lot slower and harder to get out on the field, but it’s ATK is at a decent 2500 and can work well with the new Dragon support.

Elemental HERO Bladedge/Elemental HERO Plasma Vice: Bladedge is able to pierce your opponents and can be used to Fusion Summon for Elemental HERO Plasma Vice, but would be replaced by King of the Swamp instead because of Bladedge’s summoning condition of being a Level 7. Plasma Vice’s other Fusion Material, Elemental HERO Sparkman, might be used as the specifically listed one due to it having synergy with Order to Charge and other Fusion Monsters like Elemental HERO Lightning Golem.

Blast With Chain: only gives 500 ATK but can be used with Storm as a combo.

Glading says:

Needle Ceiling!

Kaki says:

Dark World Dealings: right now a good draw card in Dark World and Archfiend decks.

Needle Ceiling: a board wipe that you can play with Elemental Hero Wildheart and Tenkabito Shien.

Machdragon says:

Needle Ceiling has potential, but it is quite situational as it requires 4 monsters on the board to activate its effect.

Kayoh says:

Vision HERO Witch Raider: this card caught my attention. Being able to use traps as fodder for its tribute summon makes the Witch a lot easier to get out. Clearing your opponent’s entire backrow on summon is a very OP effect. However, I can’t see this card fitting in any top tier decks as none are trap heavy. If Gladiator Beasts were still around, I can see it being teched in/sided. If this card ever sees competitive play, I think it will mainly serve as a side deck card.

Fires of Doomsday: comparable to Stray Lambs. The difference is that Doomsday is a quick-play spell and are Fiends, so it could see potential play in Archfiend decks. Tip: you can use this card in your opponent’s End Phase, so next turn you’re able to use it for tributing. Whereas, Stray Lambs forces you to set. Archfiends almost hit the Tier List before, and may have another shot if players figure out the best way to integrate Fires of Doomsday to this deck.

Whilipino says:

Needle Ceiling: with the current state of the game, I don’t believe this card will see any main deck play despite being a board wipe. I do believe there is potential in the side deck for this card

Photon Wyvern: if a good dragon deck comes out, this card can see some play. If not, this is a cool side deck tech since it blows up all sets (monsters, spells and traps)

Abyssal Kingshark: another option for the Flying Fish deck to play. Maybe it can replace Hammer Shark in some builds.

Vision HERO Witch Raider: very cool tech in decks that play a lot of traps. May see play in side decks.

“Which cards do you think have future potential?”

skillShot says:

Karakuri Ninja ndl 339 “Sazank” and its archetype and Crystal Raigeki.

kwrowe says:

If Ninja’s do ever make a comeback, Karakuri Ninja mdl 339 “Sazank” will be a powerful card. Ninjitsu Art of Duplication can be used on a Red Dragon Ninja to special summon two Karakuri Ninja mdl 339 “Sazank” in face down defense. They could then both be flipped to destroy two monsters on the next turn. However, any Ninja comeback would be dependent on Cosmic Cyclone dropping in popularity.

Eclipse Wyvern is a card with big future potential. This card was used in Chaos decks and allowed easy access to strong dragon monsters in the TCG including Judgment Dragon.

SelectMaple says:

Fusion Reverse: potentially a great card as it is able to search out a monster from your deck and Polymerization if it’s in your graveyard making it a +1. But I do not see it being used much in current decks as not many decks that Fusion Summon can really gain value from this card. Gladiator Beasts, for example, are able to add Gladiator Beast Laquari, but are already consistent enough and Fusion Reverse would be a waste of a card space. Some other cards that you can currently add are Red-Eyes Black Dragon, Ancient Gear Golem, Dark Magician, Blue-Eyes White Dragon and Cyber Dragon when released.

Hardened Armed Dragon: another card which has some potential in the future is Hardened Armed Dragon. Dumping a high leveled monster to special summon himself is great as it can lead to tribute summon combos and even utilize its effect of making a monster immune to destruction by card effects. Though with its -1 and can only gets its effect off with a level 7 or higher Tribute Summoned monster, it does not seem too amazing now. Using the skill Duel, standby! can help, but using the skill is not a solution for a -1 of one card effect. Hardened Armed Dragon can also be used to dump Arkbrave Dragon in a Dragon deck, but being an Earth type can hinder the deck.

Glading says:

Eclipse Wyvern!

Jason says:

Amazoness cards and Geargia.

MiguelJoker says:

Eclipse Wyvern, Needle Ceiling, Amazoness Heirloom and Tongue Twister.

Kaki says:

Eclipse Wyvern: a great card but we need more/better targets like Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon or Light and Darkness Dragon.

Parallel World Fusion: a good card for Hero decks but we need more generic Hero fusion monsters to use it.

Stygian Dirge: a side deck card against synchro or Xyz decks, so keep it in mind.

The Fabled Ganashia: Fabled is a great synchro deck but right now the only card you should keep in mind is Ganashia for Fabled Synchro in the future.

Whybona says:

Dark World Dealings: this is a card which many people already have, thanks to the selection box, and with the current support Dark Worlds haven’t been able to have much of an impact on the meta but this card will always have potential and if some of the stronger Dark World cards are ever released it will become a must at 3 copies.

Needle Ceiling: unfortunately the main use I see of this card is in decks which focus on stalling and milling, although these kind of decks have fallen out of the meta right now the ability to wipe a full enemy board if you have just one set monster would be incredibly disruptive if a meta shift allows those decks to be viable again.

Hardened Armed Dragon/Eclipse Wyvern/Photon Wyvern: these 3 cards are likely to work together with their synergistic effects but they do not currently have the support required to flesh out a whole deck. These are cards to keep an eye on when the Dragon Structure Deck finally arrives.

Amazoness Onslaught: depending on the future Amazoness support we receive from events like Elegant Mai this card may see some use. Amazoness have a lot of strong support cards which would overshadow this however since repeatedly summoning from the hand is very cost heavy and there’s currently not a way to search for or summon any Amazoness monsters from the deck to make this more effective.

Machdragon says:

Amazoness has potential with future support.

Kayoh says:

Eclipse Dragon is a good card but lacks support. You can sleep on it now, but expect it to pop up in the future as more Dragon support is released.

The Fabled Ganashia for reasons stated above.

Amazoness Onslaught has a great special summon effect for Amazoness, the deck still needs a lot more support to become relevant though.

Whilipino says:

Eclipse Wyvern: this card only gets better as more cards get added into this game. Right now, I don’t believe there are enough good support cards to warrant playing this card, but keep an eye out for this card because it’ll only be a matter of time before this card is broken.

Fires Of Doomsday: being able to activate this on your opponent’s turn makes this card have quite a bit utility. However, I don’t believe that there is a deck that really breaks this card right now. There is much potential in this card if we get better dark tribute summonable monsters.

Fusion Reserve: it’s a trap that makes you go +1 in card economy. There is potential here, but it depends on the fusion support in future releases.

Fabled Soulkias/Fabled Ganashia: Right now, I don’t believe Fabled will be anything more than a YouTube deck, but I believe that this will be an archetype to watch out for once Konami releases Synchros into the game.

Geargiaccelerator: This card doesn’t do too much at the moment, but I believe this card will only become stronger with the releases of the newer mechanics.

“Is there anything else you’d like to say?”

skillShot says:

Those are my first impressions, but there’s always new ideas and stuff when the cards are actually available in my experience.

kwrowe says:

I felt unable to comment on Paleozoics as deck because I had quit the game by the time the cards had been released in the TCG, so don’t understand exactly how they could function. My impression is that they would not make any impact as a deck but I wouldn’t want to definitively say that and be wrong. I still believe Paleozoic Canadia has huge potential as an individual card, but not as the focus of the deck itself.

SelectMaple says:

In conclusion, I believe that Valiant Souls will be another meta shifting box, but is not a must have. I do think that the decks discussed have very high potential and some will be on the tier list, but I also think that some of the current decks we have will still be meta, such as SSA Whale and Aliens. So do not worry about not having enough gems to spend on this box to get all the cards and decks you want as your current decks will still probably be on the tier list.

Glading says:

I am not sure about Crystal Beasts, it could simply become a beatdown deck. Vision HERO Witch Raider is very powerful card in Destiny Hero decks since it’s searchable.

Jason says:

Heroes have a better fusion focus rather than Polymerization and with Mask Change helps them push out combos with less cards. Geargia could become good if they release a few more cards. Amazoness might be getting a start with Amazoness Village skill so some cards might be useful.

MiguelJoker says:

Geargianos will be very strong in Xyz, Karakuris are a very strong Synchro deck so its missing support and Fabled is also a potential strong Synchro deck. So I feel this box has a lot of future potential because it has many diferent archetypes. But for the actual meta I don’t see any major impact card.

Kaki says:

Overall the set seems to be ok and I would compare it to Generation Next. We got some nice staples and one low budget deck with Geargia. If you don’t need Canadia or the Hero cards you should skip the box.

Machdragon says:

This is a nice set to boost existing Hero decks, but doesn’t offer much new support for other meta decks. It’s not an essential set that will greatly shift the current meta.

Kayoh says:

Valiant Souls will definitely impact the current meta, notably with Mask Change and the Masked HERO cards. However, it does not greatly improve any other decks currently in the tier list, except for maybe Sea Stealth Attack Whales with Paleozoic Canadia. This box is definitely not a must as most of the current top decks will not change that much, so if you’re F2P, spend your gems wisely!

Whilipino says:

Overall, I don’t believe this box will be as meta impacting as the last 2 boxes we’ve received, but there is a lot of future potential here.


Tell us your own thoughts on the Box in the comments below!

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