Dark Magician is an old archetype that recently got a very strong support card from the Future Horizon Main Box being Loading... . The deck also had Loading... introduced in the Guardians Of Rock Mini Box in May 2019. This deck revolves around summoning your Loading... with Loading... and banishing your opponents' cards with Loading... while doing so, as well as being able to negate one of your opponents’ spells/traps by banishing Loading... from your graveyard any turn after you had activated the navigation.


No Mortal Can Resist

No Mortal can resist has been the go-to skill for dark magician recently after the sealed tombs nerf, it allows you to stop decks that rely on graveyard synergy such as crystrons, shiranui, and thunder dragons after losing lifepoints usually through Loading... . Some people have had success with Loading... as well to trigger the skill while summoning a dark magician from the deck.


Balance is another skill some people prefer using, it gives you more consistency and it’s used to utilize drawing certain techs more often through the guaranteed spell/trap that balance gives you, this variant usually runs Loading... to draw said techs by equipping it to your Loading... or Loading...

Core Cards

Dark Magician (3x):

Dark Magician

Dark Magician is your main boss monster and it’s considered core at 3 to maximize your chance of drawing it and special summon it using Loading... .

Magician's Rod (3x):

Magician's Rod

This card is necessary for every dark magician deck as it allows you to search any of your Dark Magician Spells/Traps to boost your consistency of having them in hand.

Dark Magical Circle (2-3x):

Dark Magical Circle

The most recent support card we’ve got for the deck. Ideally you want to run 3 but 2 can suffice as you can also search it with Loading... . It allows you to banish any card your opponent controls when you normal/special summon your Loading... through Loading... , Loading... ’s 1st or 2nd effect, or just tribute summoning it.

Magician of Dark Illusion (1x):

Magician Of Dark Illusion

Magician Of Dark Illusion is very useful in this deck and it’s usually the main target to special summon with Loading... when using Loading... . it can also be special summoned on your opponent turn upon activating a spell/trap allowing you to trigger Loading... effect if you didn’t start with Loading... . It’s 2nd effect is also very useful to special summon Loading... from your graveyard when activating a spell/trap or an effect to trigger your Loading... .

Magician Navigation (3x):

Magician Navigation

This is the main way to special summon your Loading... along with a Loading... or a second copy of Loading... if needed. It also allows you to negate any spells/traps that threaten your Loading... .

Illusion Magic(1x):

Illusion Magic

Illusion Magic is needed at 1 to tribute Loading... to add 2 Loading... to your hand to make your navigation live, and it puts Loading... in the graveyard so that his effect can be used to tribute a Loading... nd add it back to hand to get another search.

Night's End Sorcerer(0-1x):

Night's End Sorcerer

This card has been very useful for dark magician in the current meta as it gets rid of a lot of problematic cards in the graveyard like Loading... , Loading... , and it can be used against crystrons to banish Loading... or level 3 none tuners to stop Loading... from summoning Loading... on your turn. It also acts as a synchro enabler with either your dark magician or Loading... to out problematic monsters.

Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer(0-1x):

Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer

Kycoo has fallen off in popularity lately because Loading... has more utility in the current meta, however, this card still has some good use against decks that banish from their graveyard like thunder dragons and shiranui. Some people also use both night’s end with kycoo to have an answer to all the graveyard dependant decks.

Tech Cards

Cosmic Cyclone:

Cosmic Cyclone

Cosmic Cyclone is very good in this deck to get rid of your opponent’s cosmic cyclone so they can’t disrupt your Loading... . It’s also nice to get rid of key backrow cards like Loading... and Loading... .

The Eye of Timaeus:

The Eye of Timaeus

The Eye Of Timaeus can be a useful tech to summon Loading... against Elementsabers to have an out to their Loading... as it can’t be targeted by your Loading... . It’s only being run at one as it can’t be searched through your Loading... /Loading...

Dark Cavalry:

Dark Cavalry

Your best fusion target to summon using Loading... . It deals with any problematic targeting cards such as Loading... while giving you a big body on the board to get over other boss mosnters.

Dark Paladin:

Dark Paladin

This is another viable target to summon through Loading... but less useful overall. It’s better summoning this against a deck like darklords if you had cleared their board to stop them from coming back with Loading... .

Amulet Dragon:

Amulet Dragon

Amulet Dragon is rarely summoned over Loading... but it does have its use against darklords to banish Loading... and Loading... after they had used their graveyard copy effects.

Dark Magic Curtain:

Dark Magic Curtain

This card is very useful for going aggressive turn 2 by special summoning a Loading... from your deck after paying half your lifepoints while triggering Loading... to banish one of your opponent’s cards. The main reason it’s not seeing a lot of play is that it restricts you from summoning anything else that turn(but you can still set). Therefore you can’t search it through Loading... then activate it on the same turn.

Dark Magic Veil:

Dark Magic Veil

Dark Magic Veil is a very good to trigger your Loading... banishing effect on your turn by special summoning a Loading... from hand. Its main downside is being unsearchable and having bad synergy with Loading... as using it turn 2 means you’re unlikely to have another dark magician in hand to activate the navigation.

Enemy Controller:

Enemy Controller

Enemy Controller is very useful in this deck not only for taking your opponents’ monsters to OTK but it also triggers your Loading... 2nd effect by tributing a dark magician then special summoning him right back while banishing one of your opponents’ cards with Loading...

Dark Magic Attack:

Dark Magic Attack

This card is very powerful against backrow heavy decks such as elementsabers and cyber dragons and you can easily search it through your Loading...

Treacherous Trap Hole:

Treacherous Trap Hole
Another strong semi-limited cards that just wins duels on its own, its very good in the mirror and against any synchro-based deck such as blackwings and shiranui.