Box Review: Guardians of Rock


This is the 19th Mini Box and was released on May 20th, 2019. Guardians of Rock introduces the Triamid archtype and adds support for Magnet Warrior, Dark Magician, and Rock decks.

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Card List

Ultra Rare
Duel Links Card: Berserkion%20the%20Electromagna%20Warrior
Duel Links Card: Debris%20Dragon
Duel Links Card: Magician%20Navigation
Super Rare
Duel Links Card: Thought%20Ruler%20Archfiend
Duel Links Card: Amulet%20Dragon
Duel Links Card: Alpha%20The%20Electromagnet%20Warrior
Duel Links Card: Gamma%20The%20Electromagnet%20Warrior
Duel Links Card: Triamid%20Master
Duel Links Card: Guardian%20Eatos
Duel Links Card: Tsukuyomi
Duel Links Card: Block%20Dragon
Duel Links Card: Triamid%20Cruiser
Duel Links Card: Catapult%20Zone
Duel Links Card: Timaeus%20the%20Knight%20of%20Destiny
Duel Links Card: Tyrant%20Burst%20Dragon
Duel Links Card: Goddess%20Bow
Duel Links Card: Triamid%20Hunter
Duel Links Card: Legendary%20Knight%20Timaeus
Duel Links Card: Legendary%20Knight%20Critias
Duel Links Card: Legendary%20Knight%20Hermos
Duel Links Card: Exxod,%20Master%20of%20The%20Guard
Duel Links Card: Hieracosphinx
Duel Links Card: Criosphinx
Duel Links Card: Revival%20Golem
Duel Links Card: Dogu
Duel Links Card: Triamid%20Kingolem
Duel Links Card: The%20Eye%20of%20Timaeus
Duel Links Card: Ekibyo%20Drakmord
Duel Links Card: Rock%20Bombardment
Duel Links Card: Tyrant%20Wing
Duel Links Card: Red-Eyes%20Black%20Dragon%20Sword
Duel Links Card: Time%20Magic%20Hammer
Duel Links Card: Rocket%20Hermos%20Cannon
Duel Links Card: Mystical%20Sand
Duel Links Card: Triamid%20Dancer
Duel Links Card: Guardian%20Dreadscythe
Duel Links Card: Orichalcos%20Shunoros
Duel Links Card: Minomushi%20Warrior
Duel Links Card: Spherous%20Lady
Duel Links Card: Triamid%20Fortress
Duel Links Card: Legend%20of%20Heart
Duel Links Card: The%20Fang%20of%20Critias
Duel Links Card: The%20Claw%20of%20Hermos
Duel Links Card: Celestial%20Sword%20-%20Eatos
Duel Links Card: Reaper%20Scythe%20-%20Dreadscythe
Duel Links Card: Horn%20of%20Light
Duel Links Card: Magnet%20Conversion
Duel Links Card: Monk%20Fighter
Duel Links Card: Elephant%20Statue%20of%20Disaster
Duel Links Card: Canyon

Community First Impressions


Card Specific

Magician Navigation - If you resolve this on your opponent’s turn, the negate isn’t live for that turn. Chances are, your two Spellcasters are just gonna get run over. Dark Magician itself is just too weak of a boss without Dark Magical Circle, Eternal Soul, etc. Not seeing this doing anything for DM.

Debris Dragon - Nice to have but eh whatever. Best target is Black Rose Dragon atm, which isn’t too spicy.

Thought Ruler Archfiend - I’d argue this is the best Lv8 Synchro atm bc of its built-in protection. Worth grabbing one if you open the box anyway.

Tsukuyomi - Boi, this card brings back memories. Don’t see this being used right now though, way too much Monster Spam.


Triamids - Lacking Triamid Sphinx, case closed. Seriously, what’s the win-con here? Gaia Plate the Earth Giant?

Magnet Warriors - Now this is gonna be interesting. I’d think, even with only one Beta the Electromagnet Warrior, Magnets are gonna be a solid contender in the format. They have explosive potential via Ties of the Brethren and That Grass Looks Greener, their Boss has a decent effect and floats into a full board and they have access to Triamid Pulse and Gaia Plate the Earth Giant, two amazing cards in the current meta. Block Dragon also looks to be a staple in Rock-themed decks. I’d say we have a solid Tier 3 Deck here.

Overall Verdict

Basically this is the filler Mini before the groundbreaking Main Box happening right before Worlds, calling it now. If you are not interested in Magnets, especially if you are F2P, bring at least a solid mile between yourself and this Box.



Magnet Warriors - As a long term Magnet player, I’d have to say that having 1 Beta the Electromagnet Warrior isn’t the worst thing, but Sealed Tombs existing is. Block Dragon is an amazing addition to Magnets, Cyberdark Neos, as well as Gem Knights and can be combo’d greatly with Rock Bombardment

Card Specific

Magician Navigation is a great card when paired with A Trick up the Sleeve. It will be used mainly in a control deck featuring Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer, a floodgate against decks like Spellbooks and the upcoming Magnet Warriors while favoring different matchups by blocking Neos Fusion, Bacon Saver, Diamond Core of Koa’ki Meiru, The White Stone of Ancients, and Secret Six Samurai - Fuma. The deck will have 6 ways to open Navigation, 3 being hard drawing and the other 3 being Magician’s Rod’s Normal Summon effect while also having backrow as support against the meta

Tsukuyomi is great in Subterrors as a Golem Sentry replacement which actually does things on the opponent’s turn and can flip your own Subterrors when flipped. It seems like a cool tech in Spellbooks as it shares Type, Level and Attribute with Breaker the Magical Warrior and Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer, allowing Light and Dark to search it


Card Specific

Debris Dragon - Imma be straight with this, this card sucks. The multitude of restrictions are a real hinderance. This guy can only synchro Dragons. Go to your collection and filter for dragon synchros and see how many you can even make. That’s not even the worst restriction. Don’t even look for future potential with like Rank 4 Xyz or even Synchros. There will be better, cheaper, easier options.

Magician Navigation - The real reason to buy this box. There is a conspiracy that Konami will make all the fanboy decks like Red-Eyes, Blue-Eyes, Neos and Dark Magician top tiered decks for Worlds. Navigation probably won’t do that on it’s own, so we are expecting a structure deck soon with phenominal support along with Navigation to bring DM into the light. But don’t take my word for it, I might be a Konami employee spreading fake news so you buy this trash box.

Thought Ruler Archfiend - Not a boss monster by any means. Its niche is extremely narrow with expensive protection against Enemy Controller/World Legacy Clash. Here’s the real problem, if your opponent can read, they will not waste their cards targeting this or another psychic with cards you can negate. Very underwhelming toolbox synchro.

Tsukuyomi - There is definately potential with the Light and Dark Silent Magician Spellbook deck. It could be a replacement/side card to Breaker the Magical Warrior/Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer as a meta call. Instead of a backrow pop with Breaker you can get Paleozoic Canadia effect then tribute for SM. An example off the top of my head is Tsuku a Legendary Six Samurai - Shi En then summon SM and attack over it/start your spellbook search cycle without a -1.

Guardian Eatos - A card like this will be useless or be a part of some turbo cancer some genius Japanese player concocts. All my puny NA brain can conjure up is easy rank 8 XYZ with Metaphys where you will rarely ever have monsters in GY. When we get Xyz of course.


Magnet Warriors - The only high potential deck. They will suffer with consistency because of only one Beta the Electromagnet Warrior. Plus they must deal with decks like Red-Eyes, Subterror, and Ancient Gears who either ignore Berserkion the Electromagna Warrior’s floating effect or have board states that they cannot break on their own. Regardless they have great cycling, a powerful boss, and will be a threat.

Triamid - Strong cycling and flexible protection effects, but no boss monster. Gaia Plate the Earth Giant must be played for this deck to find success, And even with Gaia, I don’t think so mate. Don’t even think about Block Dragon lmao.

Legendary Dragons - Don’t even read these. Seriously they are just awful.

Sphinx - This deck came out in 2006 and sucked big nuts even back then. This deck struggles to get out Exxod, Master of the Guard. And when he’s out he will punish your opponent for having no out to a 0/4000 monster with no protection, no disruption, BY FLIP SUMMONING other monsters. Holy horrible. That’s right. This deck punishes your opponent for playing a deck worse then yours.



Magnet Warriors - Magnet Warriors receives their much anticipated support. However, has it come too late? The deck boasts incredible consistency and will be able to set up its boss monster quickly. Berserkion the Electromagna Warrior is a powerful card with good recovery. This will definitely find its place on the Tier List but Sealed Tombs and Red-Eyes Slash Dragon will hold it back. Of note is Triamid Pulse and Block Dragon, you can fuel these very quickly.

Triamid - I am not seeing a clear win condition here which is a shame due to its unique playstyle and cool artwork

Card Specific

Block Dragon is one of the stars of the set, and arguably the best card in terms of long-term potential. You can special summon this from the graveyard, and there’s alot of ways to get it there and fuel it. The best application of it may be Gem Knights which can FTK you before you play any cards. Expect this to be your KoG promo!

Tsukuyomi - The nostalgia of the set, once banned in the TCG for its flexibility. This is a solid, generic card which will see play in Subterror, Spellbooks and Neos. Subterror is where this card will shine. You can flip herself down on summon to trigger in hand summons or flip down an opponents threat to destroy it with kraken. Very versatile card, worth picking up a pair.

Magician Navigation - Doesn’t do enough for Dark Magician decks on its own but has future potential.

Debris Dragon - Has alot of restrictions limiting its current viability but definitely has future potential.

The Claw of Hermos - Could be good in Blue-Eyes giving access to some very interesting extra deck monsters. You can fuel this with The White Stone of Ancients’ graveyard effect.

Rock Bombardment is interesting. There’s a good range of rocks with solid graveyard effects such as Tackle Crusader. Being a trap makes it slow and other options are likely better.

Revival Golem - I like this card. It has a decent body to summon off Cyberdark Cannon or gives you a free card in hand if sent via Neos Fusion which could be used to fuel Koa’ki Meiru Ice, Snipe Hunter or Ultimate Providence.

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