Hello there. My name is Umso. Some might remember me under my old username DanielYGO, and today I am going to present you my thoughts on the current metagame. First up, you will be able to see my Power Rankings with slight tendencies in which direction it is moving up or down, after that I will give my thoughts on the state of the metagame, and last but not least, I will explain more of the archetypes in detail.

Umso' s Meta Snapshot:

The deck(s) to beat
Thunder Dragons
  • Thunder Dragon - (Draw Sense: Melody go brr)
Lower-power counters to the best decks
  • Harpies - (HHG gonna farm you all)

  • Melodious - (Diva stall intensifies)

Decks that require respect but have significant issues
Magnet Warriors
  • D/D/D - (Big Alexander goated)

  • Gaia - (Handtraps no more)

  • Magnet Warriors - (Loading... best extra deck boss monster)

  • Triamid - (Handtraps no more)

Destiny HEROs
Tech Genus
  • Destiny HERO - (0/19)

  • T.G. - (Quariongandrax go brr)

Honorable Mention:

Water Xyz