King of Games from on September 29th, 2022

Author Notes

I play econ to dodge book or any dissruption turn 2 So with 3 lances and 2 econ there is high chances u open at leat one of CoPiuM ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Bcs we play alot of lv4 than tunner we want to prevent bricks as much as possible and it maximuses T1 evilswarm easly

~~~~~~~~~~~~ main combo turn 1 is Evilswarm Nightmare set forbidden lance to protect him + a raikiri and if we open 1 whirlwind and simoon we can set raikiri+ shidori (or Hawk Joe ) We better going 1st now.

for turn 2 : just try otk and prey u open lance or ECON ------------ And YEAH 3 ZÉPHYROS dont ask why Player id: 133- 576-494