Evil HEROs

King of Games from on October 14th, 2022
Gems 43k + $79
22 cards

Notes & Combos

Evil HEROs are not good do not attempt to ladder climb with them unless you hate your sanity or you really love the decks aesthetics like me main issues with the deck is the skills. Sinister Calling makes you unable to play vision heros so you play neos fusion instead who clashes with compuls(imo the best trap for this deck) since it is 3 limited. Domination of Darkness is a joke skill is just plain bad if we could play Elemental HERO fusions it might be good and The Power That Leads to Destiny is just too highrolly if you open super poly + dark calling + mali edge against a deck who ends on a high level monster you super poly out from the game but super poly is just bad with out targets in ed.

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