Tech Genus

King of Games from on May 22nd, 2024
Gems 52.5k + $37
20 cards

Notes & Combos

This month's KOG is my 10th KOG. It's been quite the experience facing so many different decks over the past year. I first hit KOG with War Rock when Orcust was at full power to now with Phantom Knights being the top deck. Anyway on to the deck write up.

I am no longer running crows in favor of artifact lancea to counter PK. The rest of the list is same as last months build with a few changes to the extra deck.

I used a dream ticket for the level 9 crystron synchro monster and it has made the deck much stronger and gives you more options for removal. I was originally running the level 3 synchro bird to negate ophion, but it didn't come up as often as I thought it would so it can be replaced with anything else. Both of the Black Rose synchros were so good to clear boards or bounce a monster to bypass effects that would trigger when sent to the graveyard.

The only change I could see myself making is replacing the level 3 synchro bird with shooting quasar dragon.

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