Limiter Removal! Regulator Open!

Antinomy Character Image
You can use each of this Skill's second and third effects once per Duel. 1: At the start of the Duel, add 6 "T.G." monsters to your Extra Deck. During this Duel, you cannot Normal or Special Summon (excluding Special Summons from the Extra Deck) any monsters except "T.G." monsters, and you cannot activate the effects of Level 7 or higher monsters during your opponent's turn except the effects of "T.G." monsters. 2: Reveal 1 Level 3 or lower "T.G." monster in your hand, then add 1 "T.G. Limiter Removal" from your Deck to your hand. 3: During your Main Phase, play 1 "T.G. Recipro Dragonfly" from outside of your Deck to your field in face-down Defense Position. (Its battle position can be changed.)

Usage Statistics

Tech Genus
Tech Genus Tier 2

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