Lightning Voltcondor

King of Games from on May 24th, 2024
Gems 13.5k + $4
30 cards

Notes & Combos

In May 2024, since not many people liked to use this deck in Rush DL's Ranked Matches, I decided to use Volcondor deck to get KoG rank this month. This deck is kinda simple: You basically summon Volcondor, decrease the opponent's monsters' ATK based on those monsters' Attribute. Since there are many Harpie decks and meta decks having LIGHT monsters as main bosses in this month, our Volcondor can easily maximize the damage it can deal to our opponent. Harpies in this deck are not only the cards you can use to decrease the opponent's Harpies' ATK since they have WIND Attribute, but also 2100-ATK beatsticks. The left part of Harpie can stop Ruin thanks to ATK buffing from Hawk and the middle part, the right part can stop BE Bright, and the middle part can buff ATK to deal against high-ATK beatsticks and easily trade the resources with the opponent in case your opponent activates Counter Pigeon, which means if your opponent activates that Trap Card, and you have a 2600-ATK Harpie, you will basically lose 1 monster, but your opponent will lose 2 things: His boss monster, and his Trap Card, making you have more advantages than your opponent.

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