King of Games from on July 30th, 2022
Gems 48.5k
20 cards

Notes & Combos

this deck is too fun, make sure to use pinaki turn 1 to get a search, never got to use evilswarm nightmare but it’s good to have

Turn 1: Simoon > search pinaki/harmattan/oroshi > make a lvl 7 with oroshi and simoon (usually hawk joe) > target joe/the lvl 7 with harmattan and make it lvl 9 so the harmattan and pinaki make onimaru > then revive simoon with joe to build a wall + have a follow up to reduce with the simoon and combo with it next turn if its still there, basically don’t get otk’d, Or just use evilswarm if you magically open 2 level 4s

I think you should know how to otk on turn 2 but some tips I have are:

harmattan can target a lvl 4 to become lvl 6 which lets you use oroshi to make a lvl 7, as well as targeting a lvl 5 or 7 can make it lvl 7 and 9 respectively

Your main goal should be depending on the matchup, use raikiri to pressure in every game and if they set a monster, use oroshi to flip it up and otk with a 6k onimaru (which is usually safe)

Blackbird close is broken, run it in your build if you can

Oroshi and harmattan are the most valuable cards, maybe run more of them however it might get bricky

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