King of Games from on January 28th, 2023
Gems 47k + $170
20 cards

Notes & Combos

  • If first with Revolving SY:

Normal summon any of your level 10 trains with your skill, activate effect of Revolving SY and summon Ruffian Railcar. Link summon both to Anger Knuckle, put down proper Spell/Trap and end your turn. If enemy second turn has strong atk just use effect of Anger Knuckle on himself and summon level 10 train and activate Revolving SY again for extra defense.

  • If first without Revolving SY:

Try to always get Anger Knuckle going with the tribute of Ruffian Railcar. Then add as much backrow as possible. 3 copies of Revolving SY to have most chance to get it first turn.

  • If second with Revolving SY:

Added 1 MST just in case. Always activate first. If allowed get 2 level 10 trains (or make Flying Pegasus Railroad Stampede (FPRS) level 10) by activating the second effect of Revolving SY. XYZ summon Skypalace Gangaridai IN DEFENSE POSITION (this helps because people are less likely to use spells/traps), use effect by discarding Heavy Freight Train Derricrane (HFTD). if 2 defense monsters, destroy monsters, if 1 monster, destroy set spell/trap first, then the monster with HFTD's effect. If only atk position monsters destroy double backline. XYZ to Superdreadnought Rail Canon Juggernaut Liebe and either git an atk position monster with 6k damage or just directly (most cases).

  • If second without Revolving SY:

Pray you have 2 level 10 trains or with FPRS and do roughly the same as above.

Ice dragon's Prison is new and amazing against most decks.

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