Cyber Angels

King of Games from on December 31st, 2022
Gems 30k
20 cards

Notes & Combos

This build's turn 1 is Beatrice, dumping Tackle Crusader from the deck during the opponent's turn to act like a BoM (In certain matchups, like DM, D/D/D or Infernoid you might want to consider crusader's second effect to bounce a face-up S/T).

The link-2 monsters are very important and they can be made with relative ease without getting in the way of your big CAs (as long as you use MAAR to summon them). Hip Hoshiningen buffs all your field by a considerable amount, making up for not using idaten as a tribute for a boss, and gets you back a valuable resource if destroyed; Puzzlomino basically trades a MAR from grave for a pop 1 monster, and the knightmares can close games by removing backrow. M7 is also highly recommended for being a non-destruction monster removal with a big body that doesn't require a discard cost.

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