Cyber Dragon

King of Games from on August 28th, 2022
Gems 24k + $11
20 cards

Author Notes

Since from June no one had reached kog with Cyber Dragon on DLM, I decided to cheer up the fans of this archetype by reaching kog with this particular version of the deck! Some notes:

  1. Magnaliger was just that quick effect / interaction during the opponent's turn that the deck was missing, thus giving access to the deck a decent turn 1;
  2. Magnaliger can be continuously recycled through Quantum Red (so the fact that we play 1 copy is not a problem);
  3. Finally, Quantum Red is really a nice lv 5 monster that (although it is not a machine type, and therefore not usable to make Nova) synergizes well with the various cyber dragon monsters (+ skill);
  4. If you want to play Barbaroid instead of Cyber ​​End Dragon you can absolutely do it (I play Cyber ​​End Dragon just cuz I want to feel like Zane). Despite this, Cyber Dragon OBVIOUSLY needs some buffs as this version of the deck can still be bricky sometimes (example: if you end up with only Red quantum and Cyber Dragon in the starting hand), but this version of the deck is definitely really fun to play :) (And, of course, I don't think I need to say that it wasn't easy to get kog with this deck ... but well, here we are at the end XD ) P.S. Oh yeah, I also want to say that the original idea of ​​the deck is not mine but of the Youtuber "PaeppTricks Master Duel Links".