Tyranno Hassleberry

Tyranno Hassleberry
General Information
Worlds: GX
  • Hassleberry requires Yellow keys to duel at the gate
  • Hassleberry appears at the gate at Stage 10 (GX)
  • Hassleberry Level 40 appears at the gate upon reaching Stage 30

Unlock Missions:

  • Reach Stage 6 in (GX) Duel World. To trigger his unlock missions
  • Use level 7 or higher Monster Cards 2 time(s) in one Duel against Tyranno Hassleberry using Jaden Yuki .
  • Successfully perform 1 Fusion Summon(s) in Duels against Tyranno Hassleberry while playing as Jaden Yuki .
  • Destroy 3 monster(s) in one Duel against Tyranno Hassleberry.
  • Use Field Spell Cards 1 times in Duels against Tyranno Hassleberry.
  • Achieve 1 Comeback Victory(ies) in Duels against Tyranno Hassleberry at level 30 using Jaden Yuki .
Exclusive Generic
Dino DNA! Dinosaur Kingdom
New Ultra Evolution Draw Pass
One with the Dinos Draw Sense: EARTH
Survival of the Fittest Draw Sense: High-Level
The Dino Within Heavy Starter
Unstoppable Dino Power Restart
Drop Rewards
Level-up Rewards

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