Tori Meadows

Tori Meadows
General Information
Worlds: ZEXAL
  • Tori requires Green keys to duel at the gate
  • Tori appears at the gate at Stage 10 (ZEXAL)

Unlock Missions:

  • Reach Stage 10 in (ZEXAL) Duel World. To trigger her unlock missions
  • Win 1 Duel(s) against Tori Meadows in Duel World.

All Signature Cards Voicelines:

Exclusive Generic
Cheer Up Fairies Draw Sense: LIGHT
Fairy Returns Draw Sense: Spell/Trap
Have Some Duel Fuel! Fairy's Smile
Let Me Duel Too! Holy Guard
LP Boost Gamma
LP Boost Omega
Level Augmentation
Life Charge
Overlay Gain
Drop Rewards
Level-up Rewards

Character Exclusive Decks