Téa Gardner (DSOD)

Téa Gardner (DSOD)
General Information
Worlds: DSOD
  • Téa requires Blue Gate Keys to Duel at the Gate
  • Téa appears at the gate at Stage 6 (DSOD)

Unlock Missions:

  • Reach Stage 6 in (DSOD) Duel World. To trigger her unlock missions
  • Achieve 3 win(s) using only Spellcaster-Type Monster Cards in Duels against Téa Gardner (DSOD) using Yami Yugi .
  • Collect 10 Spellcaster-Type Cards.
  • Collect 10 Spell Cards.
  • Achieve 3 No Damage win(s) in Duels against Téa Gardner (DSOD) using Joey Wheeler (DSOD) .
  • Use a Spell Card 5 time(s) in one Duel against Téa Gardner (DSOD).

All Signature Cards Voicelines:

Exclusive Generic
Call of the Magician Girls Attack Charge
Magician Girl Defense Defense Charge
Magician Girls Draw Pass
Up for the Fight Grit
Holy Guard
LP Boost Alpha
LP Boost Delta
LP Boost Omega
Life Charge
Drop Rewards
Level-up Rewards

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