Mai Valentine

Mai Valentine
General Information
Worlds: DM
  • Mai Valentine requires Green keys to duel at the gate
  • Mai Valentine appears at the gate at stage 10 (DM)
  • Mai Valentine level 40 appears at the gate upon reaching stage 30
  • Loading... is used in Amazoness, Stall and Burn decks!

Unlock Missions:

  • Reach Stage 11 (DM) Duel World. To trigger her unlock missions
  • Win 1 Duel(s) against Joey Wheeler at Level 20 in Duel World.
  • Use Joey Wheeler to defeat Mai Valentine.
  • Win 3 consecutive Duels.

All Signature Cards Voicelines:

Exclusive Generic
Aroma Strategy Awakening of the Charmers
Flight of the Harpies Balance
Harpies' Hunting Ground Constellar Union
Harpies' Last Will Destiny Draw: Mystical Space Typhoon
Draw Pass
Draw Sense: High-Level
Draw Sense: Low-Level
Draw Sense: WIND
Draw Sense: Winged Beast
LP Boost Alpha
LP Boost Beta
LP Boost Gamma
Level 5 Reload
Shadow-Weaving Power
Shiranui Style Successor
Spell Swap: Fire Formation - Tenki
The Legend of the Heroes
The Stirring Mayakashi
lswarm Union
Drop Rewards
Level-up Rewards

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